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The our site online shop- attractive ladies, men’s and children’s clothing in large sizes

The our site shop offers a large selection of attractive clothing in large sizes of the size of 40 to 60. According to the motto”all sizes a prize” the our site online shop offers great fashion and current collections for men and strong women. The online mail order shop is characterized particularly by the special customer proximity and the great price-performance ratio. So, reading is fun! Find exactly the fashion that fits exactly to you. No longer hiding behind large sweaters or sweat pants. You are the way you are- and that’s a good thing!

our site was founded in 1997 to make it also chubby clients can get elegant, practical and beautiful fashion. With the motto”beauty is not a matter of size”, they meet the customers which fully neglected in the fashion world by skinny model.

Review of the online store from our site

The shop is divided into three categories. For women, men and children.You are basically the same, but is the site for women and for children in orange and the site for men in blue.

A pity is that the model of our site have often still arg slim got. You will find many with ordinary masses while, but usually dress size 40 not exceed. That’s especially so bad,because our site specializing in fashion for large sizes. Other stores that carry only a small side section for this often have the more appropriate model.You can search directly for topics on the site, if you need something for a party or for the work. You can search targeted even after certain trends.In the men’s, you will find clothing in large sizes.

Offers are quite easy to find under the heading”Sale”.
Brands and designers in the our site shop

The our site shop offers its customers and customers best quality at a reasonable price. Also offers a variety of brands to the XXL online mail order company.

Here a small selection of some brands in the our site shop: Angel of style, Bull Boxer, Dollywood, s.Oliver, Sara Lindholm, adidas, Macaw, Bruno Banani, dress, Eastwind, kangaroos, Maidenform, Miss Mary, Mustang, Naturana, Skechers, Softwaves, via Appia, and many more. The brand selection is really big, so that certainly is something for everyone here.

Product range of happy-size

In the Internet-shop Maternityguides there are shirts, jeans, dresses, skirts, Blazer, linen, swim wear, sportswear, accessories, business clothes, maternity clothes, sweater, children’s fashion, jackets, workwear, socks, pants and much more.

Shipping and payment methods

The advantages you have when shopping in the our site shop, are not to be by the hand. So a fast 24 h delivery is possible on request and it can be delivered, for example, to a desired address or packing station.

The customer will receive a 14-day right of return, returns are always free. Be paid can easily with credit card, cash on delivery or by invoice.

Also installment is in the our site shop possible. The postage and shipping flat rate is 5.95 euros. He is of course only once per order. The deliveries within Germany.


Are you interested in the our site now shop? Very good, because you will not regret it! To stylish and fashionable to dress himself, is not relevant, what size you wear! Directly to get to the our site shop, just click here.