Of Maternity Of Truth…

Of maternity of truth… for the first time!

I have told him I several times, it is not the first time that I take me any garment in the maternity section, which have no form of tummy or anything and are just loose. Why?Maybe it is not that I I go running to this section but ever sideways I’ve seen something cool, try me, helps me and I bought it! And one of the first maternity that I have (or at least that I remember) is this white blouse.

It is C & A and is about 4 years old. It is a white blouse without more, a basic I have removed much party and is more than repaid but… never what he had put me being pregnant really, is the first time that use maternity clothing for what was actually manufactured!

I’ve also released two things, on the one hand this blazer in blue oil, part of my gift of meets, forever21 and moreoverBela Dona Fashion skulls handbag shop with which usually collaborate. If you like the bag you can ask them on your facebook page about it and the available colors, I tell you because twice I’ve post already have asked for the several people! Update: Bela Dona they have been without the bag and the provider because it does not serve them more, the model is exhausted. Sorry girls

Well, with regard to pregnancy… now I’ve done the first ultrasound, because I have seen my small cockles! At the moment you have more or less the size of a lemon but already formed, it has arms, legs, fingers… Ains! Nice!!! I want to grow more to feel it already and pampering. It’s amazing to have inside of you a little one, I know that I sound nona for which you have not lived it never, but it’s great! You feel special, you feel that you have a goal in life that is taking care of this small and none of the rest matters. I will continue counting advances.

I hope that you like the look, 100% I adding petrol blue as the color of the season but keeping my style.