New York Fashion Week

New York

New York is the city with the most population of the United States and the second largest urban concentration of the American continent, after Mexico City. It is the urban core of trends, the most cosmopolitan and daring: It is the capital of the world and now celebrates its fashion week: NY Fashion Week!

Writer Tom Wolf stated that” the culture seems to simply be in the air, as a part of the climate” in the city. They were born Leonard Bernstein, Alicia Keys, The Velvet Underground, Blondie, Sonic Youth, The Strokes, Mariah Carey, Lana Del Rey, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony and Christina Aguilera among other great artists.

History: Press Week

The first New York Fashion Week was in 1943 , and was created to attract the attention of French fashion followersduring World War II, when designers could not travel to Paris to see fashion events.

It was renamed “Media Week” or “Press Week” and was conceived as the first week specially organized for an exclusive fashion event. Fashion publicist Eleanor Lamber organized an event called “Press Week” to showcase outstanding American designs to French designers, who always criticized her for their innovations.

Media Week began to grow in popularity, a success, and Vogue-sized publications, which were normally full of French designers, began betting on American designers.

Cradle Of Tendencies

New York fashion week is the biggest showcase for designers anywhere in the world. Millions of looks focus on new collections. What is going to take and what is going to copy part of what is presented during this week and triumphs.

However, the catwalk also goes down the street because it brings together great fans of the sector who show their best looks: Influencers, like the Spanish and Murcia Sita Abellán (on the cover), bloggers trends, fashion, lifestyle, models, it Girls, aristocrats, actresses, actors, singers and other characters from the world of entertainment. Nobody wants to lose it!

As big fans, we’ve made a selection of some of the NY Fashion week outfits. We start with the informal look of a boy: Ankle pants with ankle, white polo, wristband, brown suede tassels with tassels, a knotted jersey at the waist and Clubmaster style sunglasses RB3016. A must have that the other guy looks like too!

These girls love to stand out. Each one has a powerful defined and different style. And they combine it perfectly with Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses and Prada sunglasses.

And if it is to mark trend, there is nothing better than to return to the classics. As this well known blogger, he opts for a model of a big size Ray-Ban Aviator RB3025. A look that encompasses the sport, the rocker and the unhurried perfection.

And we also talk about Ray-Ban sunglasses in the case of the second trendsetter because in this case it looks like a RB3447 .An icon for lovers of glasses.

New York fashion week is one of the most massive and important cultural events in existence. Have you already registered your favorite street style look? Do you wear sunglasses? Surely yes. Tell us about it!