New Retro Watches Up To 500 Euro

When it comes to archaeological finds, then I’ve recommended so far you (vintage) watches. Maybe used, listed by and old watches are not for everyone but… That’s why I would this article “new watches under 500 euro-vintage-style ” today connect and introduce you to some more watches and recommend. The following clocks are noticed continually rummaging in the net. So it was time time to summarize it in an article.

And since I also don’t know if the many private sellers there are for everyone, I have picked this time to all recommendations. I even assume that most of you are already there and appreciate the service as well as I.

So let’s start with a watch brand that is still completely underestimated according to my sense: Seiko. At the risk, to repeat myself: You’ll get some really nice and good mechanical automatic watches-at very reasonable prices. Here is my selection:

Seiko watches up to 500 euro

Seiko’s watches are appreciated by many connoisseurs. In particular the top model marine master-this high-quality diving watch is, but loosely around 2,000 euros, indicating that not only the Swiss can expensive. But it is a lot cheaper and one size smaller. Seiko turtle popular for example with the new edition of the legendary and vintage collectors (REF. 6309). This type of Seiko dive watches due to the film Apocalypse Now has become famous-Martin Sheen wore a similar Seiko (REF. 6105) at the wrist. To learn more about it, can find here and here more information about the old turtle and its reissue, which by the way, runs under the name ProspEx.

And so the new edition of the Seiko turtle or the legendary Seiko 6309 looks:

The watches can be seen, or? Above all the unique like vintage-style-and the price. Because it is between 280 and 326 euros-instead of around 400 euros currently, depending on the model. It remains only to mention that’s turtle is a quite large at the new Seiko automatic watch (44 mm diameter) is that is water resistant up to 200 m (20 bar). Another tip: A NATO or passage band should certainly good are these watches.

More SEIKO watches up to 500 euro

And then there are some more interesting SEIKO watches. For example, those models that carry the designation of Seiko 5 or Recraft and actually belong in the category of watches under 200 euros.This here for example:

The current prices of these watches: The upper Seiko 5 (REF. SNKE01K1) is currently at around 122 euros (instead of 220 euros), the medium-sized Seiko 5 sports (REF. SNZH53K1) is located at around 155 euros (instead of $199) and the lower Watch Seiko Recraft series (REF. SNKM97) is located at around 140 euros.

Also a look this Seiko 5 military look is worth, by the way for around 160 euros.

These are incredible prices for mechanical automatic watches. The clocks are worth a look definitely. Other watch manufacturers don’t even make it to quartz watches in this price category on the market. And again: there is absolutely nothing against the movements, the Seiko used. Quite the contrary.

Fundstücke: Watches up to 500 euro-Oriental Bambino 4

After this had been quite sporty watches, now a dress watch. The Orient I’ve already presented Bambinohere. However, there is a new version and color version, which I would not deprive you. And so looks Orient Bambino 4 with grey dial (REF. FAC08003A) from:

The current price for this watch is just under 300 euros. And the diameter is not as “Bambino” with 42, 5 mm. So far, there were these watches with a diameter of 40mm and less. Apart from the successful combination of colours, the Orient has become Bambino now something “grown-up”.
And yet a little info on the edge: Seiko is involved in Orient with over 50 per cent. For one why the clocks sometimes have a similar design style, explained on the other hand it can be thanks to this connection of a reasonable quality and a good value for money.

We come now to a more beautiful retro clock that convinced me in particular because of their successful vintage design. In addition, she comes from a well-known manufacturer of market-defining Swatch Groupand can trump it with a nice ETA movement.

Watches up to 500 euro-Tissot Visodate heritage

The Tissot Visodate Heritage of course exists in several variants. Among others with black dial-or Golden case. Latter then but more than 500 euros. So, let’s stick with the steel version. Inside beats an ETA movement called 2836-2 and the watch comes with a scratch-resistant Sapphire Crystal. What’s the quality you can here only little nag. Beautifully, I find that Tissot used so-called Dauphine hands and the old logo in this watch. What has and is very retro:

Some data: The Visodate has a diameter of 40mm and the price is currently at fair 432 euro for the variant with a black dial and 475 euro for the variant with a white sheet (partners). Fair question because you here really gets a sensible, high-quality watch for his money. I know this because a good friend of mine once for your husband was looking for a retro clock and questioned me in this regard. The budget was: far, far below 1,000, but also no 200 euro. My recommendation was clearly the Tissot Visodate-and the feedback I got after the purchase, was thoroughly positive.

So far my today’s tip on the vintage watches up to 500 euro. I hope that there was something for everyone and wish: enjoy shopping at CHRONOLOGICALWATCHES.COM!


The comments below are still two Seiko recommendations from a reader (thanks, Frank!). Who not long -want to go to the two watches: Seiko spirit (SARB033) with black Ziffeblatt & Seiko spirit (SARB035) with white sheet.