Natasha Calandrino Van Kleef

Environmentally friendly clothing and design to wear. The Nk Daydoll line, made of modal, launches for autumn-winter 2013-14 new leaders and practical accessories.

Have you ever heard of the decorator? It is a figure of the Anglo-Saxon world that deals with giving uniform stylistic imprint, with advice in the round, from what you wear to the environment around us. So does Natasha Calandrino Van Kleef, clothing architect and designer of the line NVK Fashion Design. London native, is half Dutch and half Sicilian and now lives in Milan, where he founded the NVK Architecture and Design. Soft dresses and spaccopants Nk Daydoll intrigued us because it beautiful and practical at the same time.

Necessity is the mother of invention

“On the summer I suffer very much the heat, so I felt the need of clothes you’d only let me breathe and perspire ” says Natasha, “I wanted a fabric and a type of boss who gave me the feeling of not wearing anything. Thus he was born the first piece of the collection, the mini top”. Since then Natasha has made ​​summer and winter collections with a particular fiber, modal, composed of 90% cellulose, which has the characteristic of maintaining the temperature of the body, in addition to being more sustainable in terms of disposal. All garments in the collection have no hooks and zip fasteners, which make them particularly comfortable. The Nk Daydoll line has also been awarded the “greenhouse effect” of the Kyoto Protocol, becoming one of the few European patents granted on clothing. Says Natasha ” for the CO2 that I produced making these clothes, I compensated with forest projects in Pavia.Also, when you can try to do the deliveries of clothes personally bike!”.

New fall winter 2013-2014

The dresses for the colder months are almost all made ​​with double layer of modal, using the color schemes of the line, which is currently about 50. Black, blue, red, licorice, fuchsia, green, but not only. ” In the winter I noticed that customers chose mostly dark clothes and then I started sdrammatizzarli with color inserts, such as yellow or fuchsia. The colors can be customized, combinations realizable also on demand, “says Natasha. The spaccopants reveal, as you walk, a second color that you only see when you open the gap. As well as how long sleeve shirt dubbed, which become reversible.

Brand new for this season are the accessories, always made ​​of modal, comfortable and practical as the rest of the collection. First, a glass door or arm cell door: a band with pocket to take on the forearm. The glasses can also be put inside the neck warmer, in which it appears a special pocket. Cache-col also hides the openings practices, which can accommodate small items of daily use. Many tricks, for a design to wear, comfortable and sustainable.