Naomi Watts Calvin Klein

The years pass, but the beauty and charm Naomi Watts increases. It ‘s true, this dress is really beautiful, but how many would have been able to be so seductive and ethereal at the same time with a very low-cut dress with a high slit on the left leg? Probably very few and among these is certainly the Australian actress that we have already got to admire recently with another look amazing: remember the Calvin Klein nude-colored dress paired with Brian Atwood? This time, however, the actress was even more beautiful than usual!

Naomi Watts loves neutral colors and look minimal, for this reason loves Calvin Klein and Stella McCartney two claws whose designers always realize dresses with linear lines, soft and very chic. The wonderful and sparkly evening dress Naomi Watts It was made ​​just by one of his closest friends, Stella McCartney, and there could be no better look to enhance her beauty.

Would you believe ever that this woman has spent forty? A nice lecture style and beauty for all Hollywood starlets who struggle to choose the right look: remember the disastrous placed H & M of the twenty-five Amanda Seyfried, suitable for anything but a red Carpet? If I were you I would take their example from Watts … And what do you think of Naomi Watts looks? I like the ‘Stella McCartney oversized sundresses worn by actress?