My Jacket Bomber More Special

One Of My Latest Outfits For 2016 With My Jacket Bomber More Special.

After surf holiday in which there have been countless kisses, tons of laughs and a lot food (and sweets). It becomes the last week of the year in which we prepare for the new challenges of the next year without forgetting to count all that has left us this year, if I am honest, ever words there will be no gestures to thank what this magical and sublime 2016 has given me.

It has certainly been our year, well capitalized and with much admiration has been the best year of my life!.

A few days ago he taught you the same jacket in a completely different look, do you remember? You can see him again here. I love to create very different styles with a same garment looks, the more important to make it look like you have an infinite wardrobe is that your clothes are versatile, and you serve from day to night.

No doubt this bomber jacket of Arcadio Domínguez it has become one of my favorites this season, it took me to settle on color (black or green) I love them both! But for some time it was looking for a black bomber (green I have several) and at the end, after much hesitation, I opted for the black.

This time I combined it with some jeans boyfriend of sauce, an extra large shirt in white and my favorite jewels from Swarovski, sometimes, I like to recharge my looks with vibrant pieces that give a touch more to an outfit glam but casual.