Mountain Backpacks, Sleeping Bag and Repair Materials

In this entry I leave five tutorials very good Antropovision boys on mountaineering equipment: how to choose and use your backpack, how to properly use your sleeping bag, and what material we put into mountain to fix possible breaks of our team. Remember to follow the tips of these tutorials are the difference between a great day on the mountain or go really wrong.

-Backpacks (1): types, applications, weights, volumes (hiking)

Backpacks also have its peculiarities. We spend a few antropotutoriales to these inseparable companions. In this first we talk about types, its uses, its volumes, recommended weights which must withstand, etc. The aim, in addition to ensuring our backs, is to know some fundamental characteristics that will help us acquire that suits us.

-Backpacks (2): do know to choose the size of your backpack? (hiking)

We already know what kind of backpack we should be, we saw in the previous antropotutorial, but do we know to choose the size of our backpack?… This is something similar to any garment, as you don’t choose well you can come big or otherwise. In this antropotutorial you will learn how to choose the size of the backpack.

-Backpacks (3): adjust it properly (hiking)

In the previous antropotutoriales we met different types of backpacks and their characteristics and learned how to choose the right size. This time we will see how is set correctly.

-The backpack is glued to the back, not dance.
-To release the tension of the shoulder straps the load goes backward and not downward, i.e., the burden is on the hips. Always below the navel.
-Adjust belt, shoulder, pectoral and cinches down top for pasting charge more to our body.
-The adjustment process will extend along the overdrive.

-Save and keep your sleeping bag

Can you store it properly in the cover? That You last you longer? It seems obvious, but as whole, the House must start it by feet, something that not everyone have always done. And, in addition, take care of it as touch. In this antropotutorial we show you important aspects that you have to take into account with your sleeping bag. If you want to spoil you, pamper you you to it.

-Repair in mountain material

Few elements are that will remove a trouble… A torn backpack, a sole which comes off, a cane that does not close properly… Tape americana (the great ally), safety pins, flanges, quick adhesive, a sling, etc. We teach you how to use it. Few grams for great solutions.