Mini Skirt Business Woman

Mini skirts harm the careers of women sure are experts with whom the magazine “Forbes” is advised. They are adamant that skirts can harm the image of business ladies.

Mini Skirt Business Woman

“Mini-Polichkite can be interpreted by colleagues as a signal that you are trying to make up with them its other shortcomings. Even the foothills just above the knees are capable of causing the eyes of callers somewhere else and not directly in your face,” he wrote for Songaah.

Interestingly, according to psychologists female headmistress who want to emphasize their sexuality is perceived by their peers as less competent, no matter what your experience is. Therefore, experts advise, business ladies prefer more modest dresses, of course if you want prosperity or a promotion at work.

Businesswoman in Miniskirts

The experts of “Forbes” also consider that too narrow dresses outlining underwear are also not suitable for the office. In the summer, despite the heat you have to get used to the idea that going to work does not go to the beach, so we are prohibited even slippers, plenty of jewelry , light fabrics like organza.

“Modern women wear long dresses and transparent. Going to work with such clothing can seriously damage their reputation. Or sandals with high cords like glatiatorski shoes.”

Experts agree that sophistication in clothing will be the strongest trump you. However, it went into the other extreme by being too conservative.