Milan Fashion Week: 10 Fashion Shows to Understand the SS 2015 Trend

Calvin Klein, Cavalli, Etro, Missoni, Dolce and Gabbana and many more. Let’s find out what the trends menswear spring-summer 2015.

Concluded Pitti Uomo and waiting for Pitti Bimbo, the curtain falls on the Milan fashion week dedicated to the collections Spring-Summer 2015 menswear.

Among those who took to the catwalk the man dandy, some have preferred beachwear, fashion style of the seventies between optical pattern legacies (not really a new season) and who has thought of an innovation not so much in what cuts shown in textural mix not only in fashion shows, but in presentations and side events.

Here you go.

Carlo Pignatelli

A gentleman who loves tailored garments, fabrics that are inspired by the traditions of hand-made one-time, made ​​more relevant than ever. The past joins the present in search of a perfect elegance that knows no time. Stringent structures make up jackets, well-proportioned compared with lapels and pockets. The icing on the cake using wools and silks from exclusive processes. The dress has never been so lightweight and comfortable.

Calvin Klein

Flesh-colored tank tops and shorts discover the athletic body of the spring-summer 2015 collection of Calvin Klein. Italo Zucchelli, Men’s Creative Director of Calvin Klein Collection, think about a sports man, but no less attentive to trends: material and bright colors mix are combined with other far more sober. Parading on the catwalk blouson and raincoats incolored PVC (orange, yellow and red) combined with contrast t-shirt flesh-colored. A close pants in nude tones and boots.


Breaking the rules for creating new ones: this is the concept on which the walkway Daks. The British fashion house revolutionizes the iconic pieces that made ​​it great proposing to cry deconstructionism. Seemingly irrational choices combine colors and materials mix, including nylon, stretch leather details, cotton, silk and satin plastic fiber. The attention to detail and care for knitting, always been the pride of the British fashion house: it leaves uncovered back. The double-breasted jackets are closed on one side, the pole stretch while the pants are baggy first, then narrow and finally sucked.

Dolce and Gabbana

After Sicily, it was the turn of Spain. New inspiration and new theme for Dolce and Gabbana that descend into the arena, ops, on the catwalk, to the tune of Carmen by Bizet. Jackets in shiny satin, embroidery trimmings, complete satin, polka dots, bright colors and pants calf: all the looks are concluded with slippers on his feet. And yet large tank tops, beachwear, contrasting stripes and prey, bulls, printed on shirts.


Long live the color and prints. But above all, long live the food, especially the one made ​​in Italy. Two bastions ness of the world (the fashion and food) meet in the spring-summer 2015 collection of Kean Etro that he travels in the Puglia tailoring: shellfish, lasagne, risotto alla Milanese stand out on the printed outfits to cry We are what we eat (we are what we eat).The cheerful mood, fresh and sparkling goes well with the Milan preparing to ‘ Expo 2015 .

Frankie Morello

If in the sixties it was the cry of peace Make love not war , for fashionistas Frankie Morello shouts “Make art not war”. An invitation to all young people to give space to their creativity, to do, not sit behind a computer including social networks, followers and likes. The inspiration for the collection Zabriskie Point by Michelangelo Antonioni (1970): the kaleidoscopic prints stand out televisions alternated with war scenes and sculptures of antiquity. An explosion of color.


Take the world of emoticons (smileys that we find on social and smartphone) and sviluppateli in a spring-summer collection 2015 from comfortable forms, refined lines and hi-tech fabrics. It is not easy, is it? Yet Juan Caro and Fabio Sasso they succeeded, giving a value added to the collection: fresh mood, designed for an active and vital man, who loves elegance but does not give up the convenience, between young and sparkling colors. The world of technology meets that of basketball including sweatshirts, t-shirts and shorts for the occasion become exclusive items. And still hand-embroidered sequins, inserts, laser cuts that create three-dimensional heads. No shortage of seafood dishes.


They are surfers who dress the color of the sea and sky. Sporty men with quell’allure bohemian given by the choice of dresses embroidered crochet. The warm colors of the Maghreb meet folk motifs, which graced the iconic Missoni prints. Surfwear a new, more modern and trendy in vests, jackets stretch, shorts in velvet and suede bomber. Walking sandals in hand-woven leather and Slipon crochet made ​​in collaboration with Converse All Star.

Pirelli PZero

Depth and reversibility: this is the mood that led Pirelli to the realization of the spring-summer 2015. A collection Active Urban between weather jackets and sweatshirts-as the Weather Jacket (One / Three), designed to combat the changing climate of warm weather – and Urban Active with technical breathable pique polo on which stand out prints of Bob Noorda (the reverse of the collar can be seen the slogan of the house: Power is nothing without control). All this without forgetting the shoes: sneakers and moccasins are totally revolutionized and made ​​with technical materials from the tire world.

Roberto Cavalli

The catwalk Roberto Cavalli seems to bring us back in the seventies, at the time of Miami Vice. Do not miss the Ferrari Daytona in 1970, the same used by James “Sonny” Crockett alias Don Johnson in the television series star and stripes, icon of a generation. Parading a romantic playboy, a bon vivant who likes to wear caftans and complete silk on which graced with palm prints, wildlife motifs images (especially python) and gold embroidery. To toe espadrilles skin.


More than a world, that Tod’s is a real club, the JP Club , made ​​up of style and tradition.Watchwords are quality. He is a practical man, a business man who between flights and the other in business capital, does not mind a boat ride to explore the Amalfi coast. The secret to this lies in the elegant simplicity of the details: basic items, transversal and indispensable range of quality materials such as silk cashmere, cool wool and linen made ​​for separable solutions and impressive.