Midi Skirt Fashion Trend 2016

Midi skirts are skirts with knee-length or slightly below it, and are among the top trends for Fall-Winter. The good thing in the foot with this length that fit the majority of women, whatever shape they have. You can find different models even different fabrics.

Moreover skirt with an average length that is suitable for all occasions – can be combined with a variety of shoes and boots – that way you can look elegant and stylish, or to bet on the daily toilet. Combine the foot with mussels length even sneakers.

You can safely combine clams skirt with boot current or a flat boot that is knee-length. According to the majority of designers it’s absolute hit for the cold season that lies ahead – the combination of boots and knee length skirt with mussels can be worn in a work environment or to party in the evening.

During the day it is enough to add a jacket and put more neutral colors and evening remove his jacket and replace it with something more colorful and appropriate. Theater or dinner, add a few more extravagant jewelry, stronger makeup and you’re ready. Combine with shirt, jacket with fluffy sweater or blouse waisted.

This type of skirts were very popular in the 60s – you can choose from the straight and narrow mussels sex or flared to such a set at the waist. If you put narrow and straight skirt, combine with something more volume at the top, as wide sweater.

In case you have chosen flared model, add the top waisted blouse. We saw mussels skirts in a variety of combinations and patterns “Tata Naka”, “Burberry”, “House av Holland.”

If you want to be fashionable during the autumn-winter season, choose 50s midi skirt with a high waist advised by globalsciencellc. Do not bet on short dresses and skirts because bare feet are not valid this winter.

Girl with shorts and mini skirts will become a real lady with a skirt to the knee – this woman will conquer not only male hearts, but also will show how sexy and stylish can be both, without showing flesh.