Maxidress Of Dream

Do you know all the secrets of long dresses?

They are perfect for showing height, and above all to insinuate more than to teach, somethingthat we love in our site.

Today I present to Vanessa. We loved doing the photo shoot in a ruined castle with this dreamy maxidress, because in addition to having a good day, she felt like a princess and we love that everyone who participates feels so well. Also these photos came out as impressive as she.

We have chosen this salmon color for ourmaxidress since in the summer apart from looking brown, we could bring that chic point that gives us a pastel color, for a perfect summer afternoon between friends, family, couple…

One of the key points when choosing amaxidress is to take into account the cleavage to look. Many of them have straps, and it is not a good choice as it would make us look shorter and especially if the color is not right, look like we carry a sack and instead of a dress.

In this case, we have opted for a classic, word of honor. This will further enhance the neckline and provide us with a considerable visual breast augmentation. The simple fact that the clavicle looks, will provide us with a stylized bone structure. Keep in mind that it is going to be the only thing you will appreciate since the dress is long.

Finally, it is always important to mark the hip or waist so that the dress stylizes the figure, creating the shape that we want to give it.

For example, if you want to look taller, simply by placing a small belt around your waist, apart from stylizing yourself, it will provide you with much longer legs visually.

If you do not want to focus more attention on the top, you can simply put the belt on your hip.

The heels are very nice but in a way they can become tiring. The maxidress allows us to wear any type of footwear, either flat or heel, so it is always a good basic to look neat but comfortable at the same time.

I hope you enjoy the photos. Thanks for your comments.