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An absolutely delightful and delicious nursing and wait for the dress in one from Boob. It has been given the name B-warmer, because there is a supple and warm layer of fleece over the chest to keep the breasts warm and to counteract the breast inflammation. Or remedy with good heat. The rest of the dress is in organic super soft and lightweight brushed cotton. And so is the dress in nice navy.

It is almost as if, despite cold, can sense that spring is on the way. I can at least. As long as it still is cool, or you want to be careful not to get breast inflammation, so it is nice that Boob has designed their beautiful B-Warmer dress that both can be used when you are pregnant and when you are breastfeeding. It is warm and good, not least over the breasts and are nice to have on simply because it is so incredibly soft.

So if you are unlucky enough to have the tendency to breast inflammation or if you just want to do your best to keep it at a distance, then it is recommended from many pages that you need to keep you warm. Both your breasts and the rest of you-are also the feet. And get emptied out well during breastfeeding. With Boobs B-warmer can you at least keep warm! And do it with a clear conscience, it is as organic.

The dress has long sleeves and a rounded neckline in ribbed knit and so have the various details, you also see in sweat clothes. Stitch during the carving and drawstrings with nursing functions. These details help to give the dress a little fresh and sporty look. The dress is made in the most delicious ORGANIC cotton as mentioned and the fleece on the chest is made from recycled PET bottles, so the dress is truly environmentally friendly, green and sustainable. The dress is also brushed, making it so super soft, as it is.

Maternity Clothes & Nursing:

It is not only a nursing dress, this B-warmer, there is also room for pregnant bellies, so you can easily use it as a wait dress too!

Designed by Boob in Stockholm, created in Portugal.

Stay warmer with a B-warmer from the Boob-also already when you are pregnant!

Maternity & Nursing Dress Online Maternity & Nursing Dress Online