Massimo Rebecchi: the SS15 Collection at Milan Fashion Week

Optical patterns and three-dimensional, smooth lines, but not too much, sobriety, taste vintage 70s, here Massimo Rebecchi at the Milan Fashion Week 2014 spring summer collection 2015.

Massimo Rebecchi opens the Milan fashion Sunday, the penultimate day. Featured floral and geometric prints, small and dense, bring back to the ’70s.

Look sporty chic for everyday

Sporty chic par excellence, the collection spring summer 2015 Massimo Rebecchi was equipped with soft lines but not too much and, alongside outfits and metropolitan daily, there are other more elegant, where the light tulle is contributing veiling the neckline.

Shorts and shirts closed up the last button

Full speed ahead to shorts , matched with jerseys and shirts or to wear under long jackets and overcoats. The pinafores, taste retro , have small collars and shirts are strictly buttoned to the top.
Among the stations of the new accessories Massimo Rebecchi collection, colored and curled belts with the function of giving a shape to the dress, the shoes are always low, flat sandalsoutright or wedge but comfortable.

Vintage inspirations and optical patterns

Nature vintage soul and ’70s, in the form simplicity and linearity make full Massimo Rebecchi timeless, perfect for the office and for each day of the week. Soft casual yes but not over, still point of the collection along with the beautiful patterns optical matchate each other and with sophisticated colors, contrasting and pastel. It comes out of a patchwork cut geometric and micro symmetrical patterns give the collection a three-dimensional impact and kaleidoscopic.

Look sophisticated, easy elegance

The gold-colored accessories, then, deliver a touch of glamor to the look: from the casual look with textures Striped blue admiral, paired with skirts straight cut, it comes to evening began, bold and biting, with deep V-necks
Spring, Massimo Rebecchi, becomes a visual storyline: stylized leafy branches, a little ‘retro, and declined on mini hand-painted dresses like India ink, on paper. The exclusive elegance, a refined simplicity.

male line Massimo Rebecchi

Some masculine model parading in the spotlight of the Milan Fashion Week 2014: straight trousers with side pockets, screwed jacket, pull lightweight crew neck. From the heavenly sky the color palette to pale pink is diverse, and micro pattern argyle give further dynamism.

From Romanesque mosaic advanced color mixes

There seems to be, Massimo Rebecchi in the collection spring / summer 2015, some excerpt of compositional technique given by the Roman mosaic, revisited, calling at new symmetries avant-garde, in a mix of materials, prints and colors antithetical.