Love and Luxury Guess

Hello friends!!! People like to follow the details of 2 years of party luxury Guess? It was so wonderful, but it was a shame that it only lasted one night. We love a ballad! Hahahahahaha! There were so many flashes and special moments during the event, and we found nothing more just share with you a little of what happened there. We’re thinking about the birthday of our 3-year-old baby (a feeling of luxury, tah guys?), and may be we can do an even bigger party and we can invite more readers. How do you think of this idea? Let’s work lohan to get there!

As we talked about in previous posts (part I and Part II), it never hurts to repeat and once thank you again. This party evening dress was a big gift from Picktrue. In addition to offering our guests a delicious pizza and drinks, the PLAENGE also ceded the Gourmet, the central of furnished apartments for the event. The space was charming and the decor was so cute, so I invite the MAISON BAIS to brighten the night with a wonderful parade of party dresses. It made the guests crazy! The store presented several luxurious looks, with short and long dresses of various brands and famous designers, such as Patricia Bonaldi and Sacred Art. We couldn’t help but bring these flashes to you! We have selected some outfits and we set up another fashion editorial which presents mega inspirational jewelry for you!!!