LG G Watch R, LG’s Circular Watch Is Already Official

As is usual in LG before a major fair-in this case IFA 2014-, is presenting its products a few days in advance.If they let us fall that their next watch was going to be round, they have not taken too long to present it officially.

Here is the LG G Watch R, a device called to be the direct competition of the Moto 360 in this of the Android Wear. The idea is to propose an aspect much more similar to that of a conventional clock, and from what we see-we do not know its real size-seems mission accomplished.

LG was next to Samsung that gave the starting signal of the Android Wear, beat first, and that meant that they would be prepared for a second blow. The test is this clock in which has introduced a level of design and technology far superior to what is known in the first product.

Its retro look and first-class materials will claim the attention of many, even those who were blindly waiting for the Motorola watch. As much as we confuse its interface and external image, this is an Android Wear, with all its possibilities.

Plastic OLED Circular Display

LG Display has put all the meat on the grill to get the ideal screen in a smartwach, as you can see is circular, has a 1.3 inches, and has a resolution of 320×320 pixels. The technology used is Plastic OLED.

Yes, the screen occupies 100% of the front surface, ie there are no black areas to place sensors, as is the case of the Moto 360. The screen rests on a frame of stainless steel, as for the straps, comes With a skin – 22 mm – but it is possible to change it.

LG boasts the visibility and durability of the display thanks to its Plastic OLED technology. The watch is also resistant to water and dust, with an IP67 certification , which allows it to submerge for half an hour at a depth of less than one meter.

Entering specifications, we have a Snapdragon 400 chipset that runs at 1.2GHz, accompanied by 512MB of RAM and 4GB of internal memory. In such a small space has a 410 mAh battery.

They have not forgotten to include a heart rate sensor-it did not have the first model -, making it a very precious accessory for those who want to relate it with sports activities. They will also aid the ration of sensors included: gyroscope, accelerometer, barometer, and digital compass.

LG G Watch R, When?

The LG G Watch R will be performing in partnership at the IFA Berlin, on September 4. We know that it will initially be available in black, and will be compatible with Android phones with version 4.3 or higher.

Although we still do not talk about price, we know that it will be a product that can be bought in the last quarter of the year. LG has been in a hurry to get his watch ready, and it is possible that he has raised the hare to Motorola.

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