LG G Watch R: Analysis Of A Circular Android Clock

It seems that the association of Smartwatch and square clock has disappeared in recent times. With the success in the design of the Moto 360, LG has launched to bring us an Android Circular watch that only in circular shape resembles the Motorola model. Ready to get the LG G Watch R (round)?

Motorola has been the first of the big manufacturers to offer us a smart watch with circular sphere. This is why it is difficult not to compare the LG G Watch R with the Motorola watch. But its only resemblance may be only in using Android Wear and in the shape of your sphere. The differences are greater than the like, and you will notice when you read the description of the new LG watch. If you are thinking about buying the Moto 360 you can also read its analysis in Relojandroid.

How Is The LG G Watch R

Although it may seem repetitive, the most outstanding feature of the LG G Watch R is its circular sphere . This makes it, along with other details of the watch, that looks like a model of sports watch and at the same time resistant.

The design is one of the factors most worked on this LG watch, we think it could go through a “normal” rejoj, other than a Smartwatch. Surely you should tell your friends and family that you have on your wrist a state-of-the-art device. Unlike the Moto 360 that has a classic air, LG has opted for sports design according to SHOPAREVIEW; Has incorporated an external dial with numbers (which help us to see the time) and the possibility of the exchange of straps.

The watch has a perfect finish; The structure of the watch is totally metallic except the rear that is plastic, it is a sturdy device. The strap is also quite high quality and gives even a greater “cache” to the clock (LG gives us the possibility to interchange them). Its sphere is 1.3 inches with 320 × 320 pixels, somewhat smaller than the Moto 360 of 1.5 inches. Also the weight of LG is somewhat higher than that of Motorola, but nothing that we consciously appreciate. The LG watch takes full advantage of the screen, as it does not carry the light sensor so criticized in the Moto (lower black horizontal band); The downside of this is that the LG G Watch R lacks light sensor so the device’s luminosity will not automatically graduate.

Regarding its technical characteristics, the G Watch R is quite powerful. It incorporates a processor Snapdragon 400 to 1.3 Ghz and 512 MB of RAM memory; It also has 4GB of internal memory, perfect for carrying your music with it. The LG watch also gains in this section the Moto 360, performs the functions in a more fluid way, as for example can be, consult the data that gives the heart rate meter.

If you wish, you can also take a shower with it as it has the IP67 certificate of water and dust resistance.

What Can We Do With Our LG G Watch R

In principle what most devices do in their range. We can receive notifications, reply to notifications, use applications (Gmail, Google Maps, Notes). We can also make one of the Google Now card system (to be informed at all times). We can know the weather forecast, or drive guided by our watch.

The Google voice system allows us to respond, for example, WhatsApp(not even groups) with three or four words; Or we can make calls by simply saying “call my wife”. Utilities that people like me, we appreciate enough, improving our quality of life; Others may see it as a burden, but the solution is to know to disconnect.

In addition to the subject of notifications, the G Watch R offers us gyrometer, pedometer, compass, barometer and useful heart sensor. As lack of the model is the lack of GPS, which means that we have to use our phone to measure distances and other functions intended for athletes.

As an Android watch, we will have the opportunity to access AndroidMarket Market apps . Some of the applications are designed for square shape watches so their fit may be somewhat different on the LG model. The Korean company does not offer us many applications with the clock, but this is something that should improve over time.

The Strengths Of G Watch R

As we have seen the greatest strength of this watch is its design. If you want a Smartwatch with a sporty or casual design, this is the best watch you can get. On the other hand, few smart watches improve the internal performance of the Snapdragon 400 processor, not even its direct competitor the Moto 360.

Its other great strength is the battery life. The battery is 410 MAH, which also gives it a greater autonomy than other watches. Its duration is of average two days. The load we will have to perform in the base that brings the clock itself, does not bring microUSB input. In an hour we will have it loaded again.

The LG G Watch R is compatible with devices with Android 4.3 or higher (non-iOS devices). It is one of the most modern and innovative Smartwatch of the moment, we can buy this watch for about 269.00 € on Amazon Spain