Legging Push Up

Thanks to the celebrities, forming garments have become fashionable, but we are not talking about those old sashes style Granny or the uncomfortable (although super sexy) corset, but much more sophisticated presses, now come into play the push-up leggings.

When I hear that “push up” I remember super Bras became fashionable a few years ago, which had secured, molding and climbed to the fantastically bust. But this time, instead of talking about the bust, are talking about the back.

At this point, the leggings are a basic garment in your closet wallpaper, this new generation of leggings promises to collect buttocks and thighs while climbing a little bit your butt. Do not think you are going to look like beyonce, but the final effect is quite attractive, as well as Stylize your figure and help that everything is more subject, they are very comfortable.

In terms of brands we have several on the market:

The Push Up of chalcedony leggings: at first glance are fantastic, gruesecillos by what is not scattering, are also warm, perfect for winter and pleasant to the touch. They are not simple put, but if very comfortable once you wear it, you notice the push-up effect just you put them, and although they are tight waist not tighten so much so not remove you love handles.

The Push Up leggings by bershka: are more baratitos, so are also more accessible. For some the push-up effect seems that it is not so obvious, however the truth is that if key, adjust and model figure quite well, so that value for money is very good. Neither are easy to put on, the size is a bit small, but precisely there lies its magic when it comes to styling your figure.

The push-up leggings of stradivarius: in this case are very similar to the faux, although its size is quite “normal”, i.e. larger. They fit perfectly, they play their role stylize the figure, upload your butt and comfort.

The Push Up of Spanx leggings: this is the leading brand of styling items among celebrities. The main advantage of the leggings of this brand, is that in addition to Stylize your figure; they promise not only sharpen your thighs, but also raise your butt and flatten the belly; This brand tambein is in the latest fashion trends, as could not be otherwise, by what you find corduroy leggings, or waxed effect or denim.

The Leggings Push Up by hartselleclothing: with the new line of sportswear, it not only presents a convenient line for sports, but also that refines your figure, flattens tummy, upload your butt and stylized your thighs, everything to look fantastic even if you do sport.