Learn to Wear The Nude Jumpsuit of Paolla Oliveira in ‘Love to Life’

The protagonist of the novel was beautiful and elegant with the piece that can be used by all women.See the expert’s tips!

Paloma’s costume, the protagonist of Amor a Vida performed by Paolla Oliveira , has won over the female audience.

The character abused light tones in romantic looks and hippies in the first phase of the novel. Already with the passage of time, his clothes became more serious and mature, but they did not lose the aspect of lightness and comfort, that are traces of its personality.

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One of the pieces that most attracted attention in this new period is a nude overalls that the beautiful used on the day of her first encounter with the gallant Bruno ( Malvino Salvador ). Delicate, the clothes fit perfectly in the body of the actress, leaving her elegant and casual at the same time.

The piece has been increasingly used by women, says personal stylist Eliane Morais : “overalls are on the rise and great for anyone who wants to lengthen their stature. Always very stylish, it can be used by people of all ages for being versatile. By changing the accessories, people can use it at various times and at different times.”

However, the expert says that some care needs to be taken: “For the tall ones it is good to break with a belt so as not to stretch too much. The clearest and most printed are not indicated for those who are overweight. ” You must also choose the correct panties to not mark the fabric. If you use a lighter shade, choose a skin color.

Who also was very successful using this piece was Giovanna Antonelli with his Helô character, in Salve Jorge .Their printed overalls became a national success.