Learn To Use, In A Modern Way, The Classic Pearls

It is not today that the jewel comes back to fashion, but not this 

Who  would have imagined that the pearls, an old luxury item, would one day dominate all necks with “cheap” artifacts? So it happened around 2010. The fashion caught and the novelty were long necklaces tied at the chest, in a long knot.

A few years later, the constant use of pearls fell by the wayside and gained a return some seasons ago in another trend: the one of chokers. The pop singer Rihanna is the queen of mixing the classic style of the piece with a choice of sportswear and leave the trend as cool as possible.

Inspired by the style of the artist and other followers of the trend, jewelry has transformed the classic piece into modern items. American brand Fallon , for example, created in 2006 and signed by designer Dana Lorenz has launched two collections, divided into “stories”: “Modern Pearls” and “Monarch Collection”.

The lines feature a mix of pearls, spikes and leather on rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings ranging from $ 75 to $ 440 – $ 299 to $ 1757. Visit the site to see the complete collection.

If your pocket does not allow you to buy the originals, Pinterest has a lot of inspirations to use the trend in a modern way. These are customization ideas, different combinations, or an innovative piece that inspires you to make a DYI – or go fast-fashion closer to you.