Learn How To Combine Men’s Bracelets

Putting on a look goes far beyond simply choosing the right pieces of clothing and the shoe that matches the look. Today, modern man wants more than just being well dressed: he wants to be a style reference. Details make a total difference to give more touch on the chosen pieces.

For this, the use of accessories, especially the bracelets, are able to highlight even more the style that the chosen clothes show, in addition to convey more sophistication and elegance to the man. Want to know more about how to combine men’s bracelets to leave your look flawless? Then follow the tips that we have separated for you in this post.

Bracelet + watch

One of the most classic and most used combinations, it is also the easiest to do. Most men use watches on a day-to-day basis. And to give a touch to the look with the watch, more neutral bracelets or even single daughter harmonize super well. Colors like black or brown leather can match with any color, fabric and, best of all, clothes at any occasion.


These pieces are for those who have a little more custom in the use of these accessories. Because they are bigger and more attention-grabbing accessories, the look chosen to wear them should also follow that same concept. In this way, an urban look with more informal pieces such as jeans, sneekers and printed shirts are the best combinations. It is worth remembering that, since it is already used with less traditional parts, it is recommended that the choice of accessories should be made always based on neutral colors, so that the combination does not become heavy or over.

Only child

Widely used for those who are just starting out, the unique daughter bracelet is a great option to add a special touch to the look. Subtly , those who prefer to use this type of bracelet can even add a touch of sophistication when choosing the model, and can choose colored ropes, pendants or various adornments that this type brings. Plus, it fits in with any style, from the most formal to the casual – if you know how to harmonize the colors and the types of embellishments it brings with your chosen outfits, of course.

Miscellaneous combinations

There are some combinations of bracelets that may even seem overpowered , but they look great with some specific styles. Urban looks, with a more rocker footprint, have a green light for a combination of 5 or 6 bracelets, and can be made of metal, leather, bracelet or with embellishments. What counts in the combination is to take up a good part of the arm with these accessories. Of course you have to have good sense in combining and remember that often less is more – even with a more daring combination like that.

It’s good to get out of the basics sometimes and try new combinations. And, for this, PickTrue has several men’s bracelets for you to always hit on the choice! And to stay even more up-to-date, find out what other accessories have been trend among men.