Knee Length Women’s Denim Shorts

With the arrival of summer, it also comes the arrival of more “light and fresh” clothes, so you have to make a renewal in your closet to get ready for the summer. But you should know some pieces which you can wear in the summer.

A piece which has a great advantage is that your old jeans. It is known that old jeans can turn a beautiful feminine shorts if you take good advantage of a pair of pants that sometimes you even don’t wear  to make a piece which can be worn frequently in the summer.

For you to be able to do this customization in your jeans, it is worth leaning some tips before:

First you have to choose the type of jeans that will be customized. The spandex type is better suited, because it looks better in the body. But if you want a female short to be more fluffy, opt for the cotton fabric or material.

If you are not taking advantage of a pair of pants used, an important step is to wash the jeans you bought to make short, because there always exists the danger of pants to choose in the first washing. So if your jeans shrinks in the water after you have done the customization of this pregnancy jeans, it will be bad because the short can be tight or even does not fit you.

After experiencing washing the pants, there are other steps you need to do. After that, jeans start to be marked desired measures (the length that you want) with chalk of seamstress and pins.

A very cool idea of the customization is that you decorate your short with several type of decor which is sold in specialty stores. The most  frequently  used ornaments are beads and sequins.