Keys to Build a Perfect Wardrobe Fund (III): The Little Black Dress

A must of the must haves. And more at times running. If you invest in it, it will never introduce or fall into deep oblivion: the little black dress is a safe value. If you don’t have one in the closet, something that should be prohibited by the non-written codes of fashion, now is the best moment to do so.

First, for reasons of crisis, is will be your best investment, and second, because come the holidays and you will be enough with him to get out of step and that tsunami called Christmas.

And will not be sealed because you have them all: silhouette pencil, baby-doll, drapes and pleats, origami, cutting chocolate with Sweetheart neckline, effect asymmetric or simply minimal. You decide.

Every day, the best is a simple and comfortable dress, wool, or point, and all sore, that will allow you to move with ease, nothing of hardships, or exaggerated volumes, a straight cut and the absence of cleavage will make the perfect uniform times.

Although a shirt dress like this that Giovanna Battaglia looks, it is simply a colossal option.

The good thing about the petite robe noire is that it is suitable for all audiences and all ages, whatever your ethyl, i.e. of the black dress does not have to be associated with the classic and serious at all, It all depends on how take you it.

More concretante of what they take it.

Because the plug-ins here play a crucial role.

And that will go longer depending on if we talk about a daytime look, or night. The day requires plug-ins that break monochrome, i.e., jacket, shoes or other color, squeaky bag, for example to be, that when the base is black it is what calls. But if what is going is the total look, nothing better than a minicazadora of leather and a few good booty to start.

In the evening, the options are also endless, you can start by stockings of colors.

Or simply decorate you yourself to your own liking. That’s going the baroque look: join the great jewels. You will the rocker: put on your boots. That you like the ladylike: enfundate in extralarge gloves to the Gilda. You pulling the least: look no plug-ins and stay such what.