Keys to Build a Perfect Wardrobe Fund (II): The White Shirt

It is absolutely essential to have a. It is part of the daily uniform of working women and although he normally associated to the formality and a serious style, white shirt does not have to be linked to labour issues or Gala.

Many gives them laziness take it out of the office because without it feel liberated but It is the most versatile of garments and House all: costumes, with jeans, leggings, skirts, shorts or directly, without anything.

There are a thousand types and prices, from of 9 acrylic 90 which you can buy at Zara, until of typical male shirt of all life, so There is no excuse for not having one in your repertoire.

You can wear them alone or accompanied; with a cardigan, a blazer, a jacket or a tie; the buttoned up to the collar or unbuttoned semi; with twins or with sleeves rolled up, and even wrinkled, because on a practical level, the worst handicap of a shirt is there to iron it.

Your best friend is undoubtedly the black, is in version skirt,

or pants.

And it is the same dress is informal and is a combination that never ever go out of style and that always wins.

In Mango I’ve found a couple of options at more than reasonable prices. First of all this (which is more ivory than anything else) silk tie and three buttons, perfect for the night, and only 39’90.

Or this one puckered with tables, and chest simulano the classic Tuxedo shirt.

Although this of Topshop It is one of my most desired purchases: wide, with pleated bib, collar and half-sleeve, perfect with jeans skinny, ankle boots and mini belt.