Keys to Build a Perfect Wardrobe Fund (I): The Tailor

Now comes the shopping season because weather has definitely changed, it’s best to make a list of the key pieces that will be a good investment for the future. Should we succumb to the trends? Yes, but with head. No never yield to what favors does not and should not be spending fortunes on fleeting stories.

I’ve said repeatedly, that wardrobe Fund sounds much to mother, system, reason, logic and especially in the choice, but not any silly cliche, is a useful standard that everyone should apply to end this dynamic that now prevails to disposable garments.

Your wardrobe should not be disposable. At least to a large extent, and one of the bets fixed that they will always be winners, is the classic pantsuit.

As much as you go to work in jeans or you look this is even too conservative and that take you over years, the male tailor is an essential combination in any closet. It is a Basic. It never goes out of fashion. And we owe to Yves Saint-Laurent women to incorporate it into your wardrobe and ceased to be the exclusive territory of men. Since then, it is a synonym of ambiguous and androgynous elegance.

Each season it reinvents itself and jackets come with or without shoulder pads, short or long, puff, dysfunctional or pleated, and pants, with clamps or loose, waist high or low, at the level of the ankle or extra long.

But the best option if it’s “your first time” is a vote for straight and neutral silhouettes as main asset. The importance is in the cut and the fabric, that should preferably be of first quality. And the Prince of Wales and the pinstriped are the best allies of a good tailor. Moreover, their parts you can perfectly use separately and combine casual shirts with pants or the Americans with jeans, shorts, skirts or dresses.

The pantsuit is not only suitable for the day, is also one of the best alternatives for the night, in woven semi birllantes and with a good heel shoe, more in plan Tuxedo, as well as shirtless, if one is daring enough. And it is that nothing there is sexier than a woman sheathed in a tuxedo.