June, the Month of Pearls

The month of June is represented, according to the esoteric, the Pearl. The gem chosen to celebrate the purity, the love and the happiness of the lovers is the most feminine of all gems. Classic and enjoyed for centuries, are much remembered and infallible in time to honor and thrill a woman and it is worth noting that, in June, we celebrate the romantic Valentine’s day.

Known as the Queen of Gems, pearls also mark the marriage of 30 years of marriage. Of organic nature (produced by a living being), oval, and varied coloration glow, the Pearl is a gem renowned for delicacy, unique beauty and elegance is timeless. For all this magic and symbolism, it was only fair to consider the Pearl, the most romantic gem that exists.

Naturally Cultivated Pearl

Born of water, Goddess of love and beauty, the Pearl is formed inside the shell (Oyster), when this covers a foreign object (introduced by man) that is in your interior, with various and beautiful layers of a substance called nacre (primarily responsible for iridescent brightness). To compose a look very modern, cool, romantic or classic, pearls are accurate and perfect. These gems are used in a wide range of options such as for making jewelry (necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, brooches, etc), in the production of clothes, accessories (scarves, scarves, clutches, belts, etc), in ornaments and decorative items for the home.

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