Jewelry For Christmas 2016: Classic Gold And Fresh Flowers

Time passes quickly and we do not have time to look back. As summer has already been replaced by the golden beauty of autumn and winter has already arrived.

In December every woman deals with very important issues, such as which dress and jewelry to choose for a Christmas party recommended on Healthvv. We have almost a month to think about our holiday costume and our favorite designers can discover what jewelry to advertise or promote for New Year sales.


The symbol of the year 2017 is the Rooster. Therefore, the best colors to celebrate the new year are red and gold. The feminine look at Christmas should consist of not very striking jewelry with red, yellow, gold and pastel tones. The perfect complement will be yellow gold jewelry and pearls. Yeah, sounds a little weird. After all, the Rooster’s style will always be colorful and bright. However, designers are advised to choose classic and discreet accessories.

After all, we came across a Cock and not a parrot. The most suitable jewelry for a Christmas party involves the presence of natural stones. And those stones should be selected with the same tone of the clothes that you will wear.

A good combination is gold with amber, citrine and sapphire. This Christmas, you can use all the combinations of stones you want.

If your look has the presence of a hat, it would be appropriate to wear feathers (both natural and metal). Feathers can appear on pendants, beads, earrings and even rings. And although the false eyelashes are the theme of the makeup sphere, the bright and unusual accessories would work well with your look.

The sleeves of dresses can be decorated with sequins or beads . Also, it will not be bad to create some original embroidery, especially if made with shiny threads. Many designers create their own jewelry using threads, embroidery, sequins and small crystals. I love this jewelry for its identity, originality and fragility. Many people can now say that embroidery and beads are not part of jewelry, but you have to accept the fact that everything is very illogical in the modern world of fashion. So what do you think of these changes?

So we came to one conclusion: jewelry for Christmas 2017 is full of originality, quality and brilliance. The preferred material among everything else I have mentioned is gold. You can choose large earrings, bulky bracelets, rings and gold necklaces or simply in a golden color. Belts, purses, brooches and cock-shaped pendants will also be a great choice.

The perfect complement to an exquisite look will be the fresh flowers as well as the floral aromas.

Color range:

We must always remember that every rule has an exception. I know that among our dear subscribers we have some readers who prefer the classic and always want to stand out. Well, just for you I found this exception. Therefore, if you choose red as the base color of your New Year’s look, then you risk being original because this color is very fashionable for the New Year. That’s why you should pay attention to the orange, crimson and terracotta tones.

Some stylists are inclined to believe that the Rooster will come to us with some shiny elements in clothing and accessories. And so colors like green and blue could come in , making everything beautiful in its diversity. I know I told you that Christmas jewelry should be discreet, however, you can add a little shine with those colors. The main thing is that everything should be in balance.

Try to create a complete look, not to make the impression that you dressed at the last minute. You can wear something a bit extravagant in a little unusual outfit, but at the same time, this look should suit you.

In addition to the main colors for next year, designers can offer jewelry in yellow, purple and silver. Keep in mind that you will look really beautiful with that combination.

So which jewelry to choose?:

This is what you really need to use on New Year’s Eve.

One of the biggest trends is hair jewelry. But many of us spend the New Year, moving constantly from one party to another. So, to keep warm, you can buy a headset. After all, it’s best to pick something with yellow, red, blue and green feathers representing the rooster.

With long hair you can make tails and braids, medium hair can have soft curls and short hair can be arranged in style. You can add hairpins, tapes and beads. I recently found this interesting variation on the subject of jewelry with flowers. Maybe it does not look innovative, but our dear designers advise us to take a look at this trend.

Another current trend is the brooches in all shapes, sizes, textures and designs. And the most interesting thing is how the designers advise wearing these brooches.Brooches in the form of colorful bows can be in your Christmas dress or adorn your hair, shoes, skirts, gloves and scarves. Remember that designers recommend wearing them on the bottom of sweaters, jackets and hats.

Here’s a tip for choosing the best accessories: beware of the issue of using real animals! The rooster does not favor those who are trying to hunt him in the real world. Nor the leopard, tiger and Christmas jewelry with furs. I know I told you that this winter was going to use jewelry with animals, but the best thing is that it is only imitation.

PS Have fun and enjoy a beautiful vacation!:

Do not be afraid to put together a look with all the trends and advise you with professionals. After all, you must prepare yourself thoroughly so that the whole year is exceptional. I hope you found in this post a lot of useful information and I want you to be the most beautiful and happy during the new year 2017. Have fun and enjoy a beautiful vacation!