Jeans Should Not be Washed

Denim manufacturers advertise denim standing be better if jeans are washed as infrequently as possible. However, sometimes there will be times when the pants are forced to wash – for example, when the risk of odor, no one will want to come closer to you.
Most of the clothes may be with the simple care instructions at its simplest: dark and light colored laundry washed separately but dyed denim, there is a lot more detailed washing instructions. The untreated denim, or denim, developed once the hard work durable workwear.

However, the duration of vintage jeans has become a trend, and they are found in almost every wardrobe. Denim is it a wonderful material that it is shaped by the wearer. The more you use it in a pair of jeans better they look and feel on top.Jeans should use at least half a year before the first wash – yes, you read that right. The longer the jeans have been in use the better they look, denim manufacturers vinkkaavat.
However, when machine washing of denim fabric fibers break down and lose dyed denim fabric typical characteristic: hardness. The untreated denim may also shrink in the wash. Therefore, washing is not recommended. Some freeze jeans in the hope that the unpleasant odor would go away. Freezing does not remove the stain.
What should therefore be done if the jeans are starting to look dirty? Cleans gently with a damp cloth visible stains out. If the jeans begin to smell bad, so turn them inside out and takes out ventilated.
What if this does not work?
Then you probably have the correct time to wash jeans. Before you put the jeans in the washing machine, you can try to wash them by hand with warm water and soap.