Jackets For the Cold End and Polar

Approaching one more winter and here we are very of Finland, we must warn that knowing that shelter is an imperative for the best possible winter. In the blog already talked about things like which socks are best: thermal or wool socks, and we have also given advice on clothing which lead to Finland , but in this post we focus on jackets for the extreme cold that we can live in Finland.

In the photo still does extreme cold, but jackets for cold are already there: the Spaniards had gone to Columbia. The Dutch are not sure.

The Finnish winter temperatures

On the blog we destem the temperatures of Finland every month some time ago, so you know what you’re going to find and plan consistent with this.

It is not uncommon that this winter, like any other, will reach temperatures of 30 degrees below zero, as the people you see in this thermometer that I did a photo. Choose the right between so many jackets for the cold is therefore essential.

-30 degrees and you have to take to the streets.

My jacket for extreme cold: a Columbia

Before leaving for Finland – I had to choose a jacket. It was the era in which Columbia was fashionable, so I decided that was a coat and also reversible. Inside it was polar fleece and outside was jacket windbreaker (good for the cold end and polar) like showing on ehistorylib.com.

It was really good: although somewhat bulky, more raw winter days it enduring perfectly and one it could be removed and easily put. Even going by bicycle to College, like me, the Columbia responded and was fantastic for an unbeatable winter in Finland.

If we talk about jackets for Erasmus to the North, the most important is who go know with time you will go to the North to prepare it well. Jackets for extreme cold will disappear from the shelves of stores in February-March never to be seen again and the Erasmus begins at the end of August. There is also the option to buy it at the Erasmus destination, clear: the prices are more or less similar.

Taking my Columbia for an excursion to Koli in autumn.

For those who will travel to Finland or to the North by pleasure and sightseeing, and have chosen the winter, as they travel at this time may bear the coat for extreme cold bought from home.

Other recommendations of jackets for extreme cold

I have asked several friends to find out their recommendations. Since I know from good authority that many carried other brands and also spent a good winter, I will leave feedback also here to give you more choice.

North Face: the brand most repeatedly asked people about jackets for the cold. Some recommend it outright, others not so much. In my opinion it is the most oft-repeated because it became fashionable once Columbia ceased to be so.

A friend of Erasmus in Sweden said that it was perfect, but perhaps too bulky. On the other hand, our expert in Finnish Natalia, told us had one which cost him a lot of money and was not very impressed: great for rain but not so much for the cold. She says that what worked better you was one shelter either and then the layers of clothing.

A jacket ready for polar Cold hung in a House Erasmus of Joensuu.

Other brands of clothes that I have heard are Nutrytec and Canada Goose, which might not have as much distribution in Spain as Columbia and the really expensive, but the views that I have heard is that they are very good.

Finally, the clothing brand Finnish Halti clothing (of the same name as the highest mountain of Finland) has been also recommended, although this would have to buy it on the own Finland. I am slope making a post about this brand.

About the Decathlon, lest someone ask me, no one has told me that he used them to travel to Finlanida.

A final recommendation

It is important to choose one of the jackets for the cold, but also know what are your plans in Finland or in another Nordic or Scandinavian country.

If you’re going to be out long time, more than half an hour, in addition to the right jacket (very important always) also put on snow pants.

If you’re out going from one place to another, the most important is the comfort: the Finnish houses and buildings are at 20 degrees and remove and wear much clothing is very cumbersome.

Do you have any recommendation on jackets for the cold? how was the time in which you were out with lower temperature? You wear the jacket you wear, always can give you a Finnish sauna to reach House and forget clothes for a while.