Italian Fur Fashion Night

The parade of Mifur 2014 made in Italy submitted by the Italian fur Furs.

The Snow Queen of Gianfranco Ferre Furs to biker Rindi, through the tsarinas Mala Matì Marconi. The parade of the brands of the Made in Italy of fur, Italian Fur Fashion Night, was held during the Mifur 2014 in a special location, Palazzo Serbelloni, discovering new trends for the 2015-2015 autumn-winter. On nine brand catwalk: Gianfranco Ferre Furs, De Carlis, Byte Giuliana Teso, Fabio Gavazzi, Manoel Cova by Jun, Mala Matì Marconi, Maurizio Braschi, Rindi and Pajaro.

Gianfranco Ferrè Furs

Equipped with skis, ski mask, and after, the woman proposed by Gianfranco Ferre Furs paraded in black & white, with a mix of materials: two-tone mink and foxes. The furs are soft and caressing her hips, “with forms and shapes are part of its history,” said Roberto Ravizza, Managing Director of Mondialpelli Spa for Gianfranco Ferre Furs.

Byte Giuliana Teso

Colors, delicate branches and buds: the collection Byte Giuliana Teso brings spring on a winter head. Many bright colors dall’amarena to sienna, from ice cold to warmer taupe, yellow and turquoise, are the background to the inlays on Mink, recreating a tree in bud on the fur. Said Marco Giuliana Teso Teso for Byte that fur is becoming increasingly topical and young in the combination of unusual materials such as cashmere or neoprene, combining colors to achieve original effects.


A large collection, between creativity and inlays, with fur that come to the knee, designed for a dynamic woman. The proposal atelier De Carlis shows care in the choice of skins: sables, minks Black NAFA, foxes and Swakara. Rodolfo de Gasperis and Carla Tagliamento for De Carlis commented highlighting the exclusive workmanship, inlays, creative combinations of different skins or even the bold and vibrant colors in different shades, obtained using the same color bath of mink and fox, sable on and Swakara to get a clear result and two-tone dark.

Fabio Gavazzi

Elegance and style diva. The collection pays tribute to Fabio Gavazzi diva charm enclosed in every woman, as stated by the creative director. Inspiration is one of the fabulous Seventies, the colors are sunny and cold at the same time: orange, burgundy, browns, rouge noir and royal blue. For skins, Fabio Gavazzi has chosen to enhance the feminine allure with candid Swakara, fawlight fluffy fox, sable, mink and even fine pekan.

Mala Matì Marconi

Long fur dress Tsarina Mala Matì Marconi, parading on the catwalk with a regal allure. A tiara on her head and soft draped dresses emphasize this enchanted femininity. Valeria Zaniboni for Mala Matì Marconi has identified the key words to interpret this collection autumn winter 2014/2015: beautiful, renaissance, elegant, regal, rich, sophisticated.

Manoel Cova by Jun

Glamor and charm to the collection of Manuel Cova fur by Jun, who is distinguished by light colors and accessories. The designer Manoel Cova has opted for the delicate shades of colors such as Powder, Water and Cloud. The materials are very light mink, from the current sinuous lines. Enrich the figure accessories such as spherical studs and strips in brushed reptile hand. Sables with snakeskin inserts, blacks sable combined with lace, white Swakara decorated with zip and lace gold, so many forms and combinations that have made ​​this very runway glamor.

Maurizio Braschi

The autumn-winter collection 2014-2015 by Maurizio Braschi is inspired by the Futurist movement, born in Italy at the beginning of 900, as he himself explains. In the inspiration we find the dynamism, speed and movement so dear to Futurist movement.Experimentation and innovation of unique shapes try to project into the future this collection.


And ‘Light Baroque mood of the autumn winter 2014-2015 Vinicio Pajaro, presented to Mifur parade, with tones ranging from white to beige and blue. Alida Pajaro, Fashion Design Assistant brand described as a silhouette designed by care and sinuous lines, with fluid forms as an artist.


A mix between nail and fur jackets, with colors like yellow and red, marched through the Rindi collection, presenting a dynamic and contemporary woman, who borrows influences from pop art. On the back of the jackets and in several other points, the face of Marilyn Monroe decorates proposals Rindi. Brunello Rindi, CEO of Rindi, stressed the contemporary design of this collection, rich in nuances painting in shades of leaders and of volumes creativity.