Internetages Aviator Sunglass

We love the authenticity and the tanned used look, but we are also impatient. This is no problem when it comes to clothing. Today we can buy our shirts, jeans and boots with worn look. And not just on the high street – the big fashion houses also imitates the used look. You get an already-worn appearance, a fictional story and character right from the start.

Internetages Aviator Sunglass

Internetages Aviator Sunglass

And why not? Shiny clean and fresh out of the box works for a sports inspired look. It is better to feel like James Dean or Keith Richards stagnant around in a worn attire full of meaning when you are more rock’n ‘ roll-type. And The aviator is the perfect candidate for instant vintage treatment. has deliberately corroded The aviator, the most famous sunglass in the world.

Internetages Sunglass

Every Aviator Frame contains already a echo of all its former iconic wearers and decades of restyling. But Ray-Ban Distressed takes the historic look to a new level. Few Aviators would incur so many scrapes. The familiar frame has been brutally scratched and scraped for maximum effect. It all happens in large barrels where frames rolls around for hours together with sharp objects to maximize the designed destruction.

A matte finish is a hot trend for sunglasses and The aviator have already made use of it. But what is the next step? Scratches and scuffs, of course. And, like the worn denim, shirt and boots gives you a little more attitude and nonchalance, as befits an Aviator and its continued evolution.

Is it cheating? Now that the worn clothes is so prevalent, there is not anyone who can to a large any, which really has earned it used look anyway. responds to the trend. Which activity or lifestyle would produce this run-down look? The raw looks just cool out and combined with The aviator, the most cool sunglass on Earth, it makes complete sense.

As a counterbalance to the designed wear is still crystal glass that gives super clear optics. There is also comfort and good fit with adjustable silicone nose supports as well as silicone rod ends.