In Search of the Perfect Sports Bra

It is not only important to run with some good sports or clothing elastic and comfortable; Choose an appropriate bra to make sport can avoid many problems. ‘Eternal’ perfect search, a group of British researchers has studied the movement of the breasts while exercise.

The specialists of the University of Portsmouth (England), connected markers in the breasts of a series of women, who were running along a track carrying various types of bras or without them. Meanwhile, with some infrared cameras recorded the trajectory of the breasts. In the experiment also was equipped platform to measure the intensity of the tread.

When the athletes wore no BRA, her progress was changing; the pressure that reached the ground was heavier and they moved, mostly by his feet inside. This alteration in the step seemed to be associated “with an amount significantly greater movement of the breasts in that direction”, according to Jenny White, author of the study.

“It is recommended that MOM will subject first of all for convenience. Also prevents the ligaments holding shed, especially in women with large breasts “, features the gynecologist from the University Hospital of Guadalajara, Maria Jesus Cancel. But in this ‘mismatch’, adds, can influence different factors as “The quality of the tissues of the female or own genetics”.

Another point of the research focused on see if the weight is related to the type of movement of the breasts. “Higher forces exerted by the feet in career indicate an increased intensity of tension for a runner. These forces ‘extra’, over time, can lead to the development of lesions”.” Therefore the movement can make the race more difficult and damaging what has to be.

According to English research, running or walking, breasts, instead of moving just from the top down, they perform various movements. Few Sports Bras are designed to support this activity properly.

Problems to choose the appropriate

In this market, the latest technologies have also managed to gain a foothold: Bras that incorporate heart rate monitors virtually invisible; ionized jerseys, that improve physical capacity; lingerie with vitamin E and aloe vera to hydrate and regenerate the skin, or even a line of lingerie with built-in GPS, which in Brazil is intended to ‘control’ couples. But despite advances, still there is the perfect bra to make sport.

According to a study from the University of Wollongong in Australia, published in the journal ‘ Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise’, women with a cup D – or even more- you can not access a fastener effective in-store sports.

There are two types of bras to do exercise: those with rings, which identifies the breasts, and others who are responsible for compressing them. The first reduced the vertical movements, particularly in women with large breasts, but are more uncomfortable. The latter are designed to wrap and hold the breast in an appropriate way, compressing them and avoiding a sudden activity.

Depending on the size of the breast might be to choose one or the other, but it seems that ideally would be to have both. In fact, in the above-mentioned Australian study tested an experimental bra that combines the understanding of the chest, usually more comfortable model, with individual lifting using small foam pads.

Women’s large breasts who could prove this ‘prototype’ considered it more comfortable. In addition, he produced an effective decrease of movement, not only vertically but also from side to side. “It is recommended that hold but not comprimto.” Women with large breasts think that they can reduce the perception of bulky breast if they use this system, but this is not good”, says Cancel in their statements to

Although many fasteners are marketed as a sport, “they are only a fitted blouse fashion has a very elastic material and that is not very supportive,” says the author of the study from Portsmouth. To test them, “jump on the tester and assess the movement that occurs” is recommended. The chest strap should be advised to “have more strongly than clothes that are used daily, perosin penetrate into your skin”.

“The basic problem has to do with an inadequate marketing. Not relate to the size of the breast with a proper drink”, concludes the gynecologist.