How to Wear White Jeans


There is no doubt: the white jeans confirmed the real must of the season. Versatile and stylish, representing an evergreen for those who love a look all white and beyond. The combinations which are suitable white jeans are numerous. What is paramount, however, is create the right harmony between the chiefs, resulting in a very flawless look. In the following guide, therefore, we provide suggestions on how to wear white jeans.


Make sure you have on hand:

  • white jeans
  • top
  • t-shirt
  • shirt
  • jacket
  • sneakers
  • wedges or heels
  • colorful accessories

One of the best combinations for white skinny jeans featured on Ruizesolar, ahead of the summer season, it is with a top or a lace shirt, very popular and easily available in any store. Preferred the pastel colors that will give the look a very romantic look. To be in step with the times, we recommend the white jeans at very high and with so many snags life of legs and thighs. Complete the outfit with sandals with high heel and a shoulder bag. For less formal situations, we recommend to replace the heels with some comfortable sneakers.

During the spring and summer, it’s good to play with colors. Render therefore most colorful season by matching your white jeans with color clothes and accessories on. So you can wear a simple t-shirt preferring the red, orange, electric blue, yellow, or even opt for the fantastic top in fluorescent hues. Then play with the accessories, even then choosing handbags, shoes and jewelry in bright colors.

White jeans are also perfect for formal occasions. In particular, they can be worn with classic and timeless black top and a jacket Long-cut. However, you can also leave the contrasting white and black and opt for a total white look. It is an ideal look for summer, very elegant and delicate, especially if completed with the gold or silver accessories.

The top crop represented a chief must have and is perfect with white high-waisted jeans. I can wear this long glamorous and carefree for a party or to spend an evening with friends. The look can be completed with jacket and colorful accessories, perfect for the summer season. Finally, for a simple walk or an afternoon of shopping, it is a perfect denim shirt worn over white trousers. You will complete the outfit with colored platform shoes or sneakers or ballet flats. It is a sporty yet chic taste.


Never forget:

  • Have fun creating the most varied combinations, however, being careful not to create little harmonic combinations.