How to Wear Tie Clips

The answer to how to wear tie clips is surprisingly simple – to make you feel good. However, even today, when fashion and the idea that “in the outfit” varies from season to season are still some historical rules, which may or may not be respected. But let’s start with what is already in the beginning of the 21st century do not apply.

  • It is not that tie clips are worn exclusively to tie and jacket.Ten years ago, this proposition is universally valid, but today it is possible shirt with tie clips to take jeansám, a sweater or a suit without a tie. Still probably not appropriate to wear cufflinks or the Bermuda shorts, but who knows where it is fashionable awareness moves?
  • It is not that cufflinks are the only men’s affairs.Increasingly, designers and manufacturers offer women’s blouses with sleeves ending in cuffs with tie clips and there are even tie bars designed exclusively for women (eg. A court shoe motif), although are not commonly available. For the ladies, but also fits smaller, originally for men, tie clips.

In contrast, still applies:

  • Observe the color of the metal in your clothing. Tie clips, respectively.the metal part (stem) should be the same color (usually silver or gold, rarely black) as the other metal parts of your outfit – buckle belt, watches, sunglasses, buckles and zippers on your briefcase or purse like. Although this proposition is still valid, seems to be gradually overcome (see called. bicolor watch, which are a combination of gold and silver).
  • Appropriately combine color head cuff buttons. It is recommended that the color of the collar button of the similar color, which is another part of the clothing – eg. Stripe shirt, principal or complementary color to tie or decorative handkerchief. As with other parts of clothing, colors can be combined either in color or contrast in the same tone (ie. Tone on tone). In case you can choose the color contrast stud virtually unlimited, but in the case of tone-on-tone should also tie clips preserve the main idea and should therefore be contrasting. Color buttons should not be exactly the same as any other part of clothing (eg. A tie or fancy handkerchief) with probably one exception, which is possible tie clips or other small jewelry. But in many cases, these “kits” does not quite harmoniously.
  • Express your personality through the sleeve buttons. In today’s business dress uniform world tie clip is one of the few parts with which you can express your opinion and world view. You imply that you are not indifferent to environmental protection as well as sympathy with minorities or that you appreciate classical values. In addition, a tie clip can express and instant mood – dark colors for depression, for obvious pleasure.

But again, the most important thing – wear these tie clips where you feel good and that will give you a different feeling.