How to Wear the Pleated Skirt

2015 was the year of skirts: we have rediscovered the pleasure of wearing the midi skirts, we have learned to show off pencil skirt away from the office, we found that, in jeans or suede, the most fashionable skirts have buttons in the front.

But there is another model that is depopulated in recent months and which has become one of the leaders involved in this autumn-winter:according to, the pleated skirt, a real must for the season for different style icons and celebrities.
long models, short or midi length, proposals in wool, leather or chiffon:

How to Wear the Pleated Skirt

the pleated skirts have invaded the collections of all the fashion brands and have won us over for their versatility. Easily they combine with everything and are the classic garment that you can wear at any time of day and on any occasion.

Ideas on how to wear the pleated skirt this winter? Here are 10 combinations to try!

Pleated Skirt + Boots

The choice to wear the pleated skirt with boots can score, especially in winter when, in general, the low temperatures encourage us to avoid skirts and dresses and prefer heavier garments. Try to combine a midi skirt with a pair of patent leather boots or choose a long skirt and pair it with a pair of suede boots. The result is not bad.

Pleated skirt + boots

Wonderful alternative to high boots, the boots. Wear them with a colored pleated skirt, a turtleneck or shirt and completed the look with a leather jacket. What else to add? All you need is to have a simple and fashionable outfits.

Gonna plissettata + Sneakers

If you have never dared to combine a pleated skirt with sneakers, it’s time to remedy! There is no more comfortable matching! Choose a pair of flat sneakers and Wear them with a t-shirt solid color and a leather jacket or with an oversized wool sweater: you can not help but look like these, especially in their free time.

Gonna plissettata + Cleavage

For a more feminine outfits, what’s better than a pair of court shoes? Wear them with your pleated skirt and match them with shirts or blouses: you can also wear them in the most elegant occasions and you will certainly look good.

Gonna plissettata + Sandali

Lovers of sandals even in winter? Sfoggiateli with a pleated skirt, with or without tights. Here it comes to deciding whether to suffer the cold or if survive the freezing temperatures: the choice is yours!