How To Wear The Blouse Off The Shoulder

Dear Sara, I am a woman nearly your own age who discovered your blog alas too late: almost certainly have a pear without much disparity, you do not know how many worries would have saved me to you and Anna Venere years ago! I was one of those who hated their hips and I could see everywhere and lean women with small thighs; but it only happens to me to see women everywhere that my defects not have them? Lucky them! I’m always a little ‘hidden, a little’ also faulted for my being so “petite” (1.58) that makes me a child, with fiancotti and small breasts. I look in the mirror and not see myself just beautiful.Now thanks to your work I understand that many women are like me or condividiono problems similar to mine and I know above all I can love fashion even though they are not a model! I decided this year to “give a damn” tax labels and throw myself on what I like in stores, even if you are not very comfortable with my form; I do not think my hips but the dress I’m wearing and I believe that I also have the right to take it! And ‘an achievement for which I thank you!

I should like to express a doubt that I had; I really like the shirts that I see now in the shops, which leave the shoulders bare, but I remember that when I was young were in fashion but in version a bit ‘gipsy; I have to admit I’m not crazy. I would take them but I do not want to sound too flower child (a style that does not suit me). There is a contemporary way (certainly exists, otherwise they would not have proposed the designers!) To use them? If so, could you help me out? Do not tell me that for us pears these jerseys are not recommended because I already thought me too but as I said if I love something, I tend to “overshadow” my form! Sorry for the long papyrus, I hope you answer me, otherwise thanks anyway and congratulations for the blog!


As I write this post, I pour out. I do not mean that it rains a little ‘, no, I mean that just pours in buckets with lots of thunder from horror films, lightning and hail mileage. Only two days ago the sun was shining this morning wearing a short silk dress and sandals, pharmacy thermometer in front of work marked + 29 ° and was talking with my colleague that last summer has arrived. Bipolar climate, if I have to face you I demand the power of bipolar cabinet crystal; I alone to move from the coat in half a day flip flops can not do it right. So, I made some tea, I took a slice of lemon cake and now I’m writing as I observe my T-shirts with a sigh off-the-shoulder used only once since I packed in late April. Cruel climate! A wardrobe so vast untapped!

I must admit that I miss wearing the garments for now they often are: blouses with off-the-shoulder neckline. Also I have been ggggiovine 90s early 2000, and I remember them well, and yes, I confirm that the Manichean dichotomy that divided the world into “jocks” and “sballoni” These were definitely an integral part of the wardrobe sballone (with the long colorful skirts, the military messenger bags and hair type pineapple). Any young juggler who dabbled in art sophisticated spin the balls with colored ribbons at any clearing of the stood up, even the high school courtyard where they tried respite from a greek version and a version of Latin, had to have these sweaters gypsy. Otherwise it was out. So when I read for the first time on a female magazine this summer that we’d all been Racerback I had a surge of medieval terror only prefigurarmi the return of the balls with ribbons hanging around and spazzamarciapiede Indian skirts. (I’m not old, is that the balls with ribbons have traumatized me as even Alex in “A Clockwork Orange”). In fact then when I saw the photographs be upon streetstyle sites, both on fashion blogs, both on the Zara website – which is my litmus test of what is really into fashion and that instead it is fashionable only on Elle – I calmed and I said to myself, “Just watch me ‘, I could very nearly put me too”. And from there, the abyss of no return.

I dusted off the dress in white cotton that I had done last year, I got another pastel yellow blouse and I plan to refurbish a man’s shirt to not let 50 € in Zadar for a simple shirt with the ‘in place of the elastic collar. I do not know when or if I will stop, the fact is that I have covered the elegance of this head, his character sexy but never vulgar, that I can use it both day and evening at a dinner and above all that I’ll be perfect at sea with my soft shorts, a swimsuit and straw hat. It ‘a way to galvanizzarmi since, given the billions of commitments this summer, probably the sea I see it in postcards. Dark thoughts aside, it’s wonderful to have discovered that a boss that I would not have worn even under torture in the dark early 2000 now has finally been removed from both malevolent aura and its advantages can be enjoyed by all of us. The first advantage of this blouse, as mentioned, is the easy chic sensuality, something that very few leaders are able to give (a second basic piece of my summer wardrobe is also the oversized shirt, even that has the same lovely spirit), the second value is the flexibility, which allows it to be worn during the day, for an aperitif, for dinner, for after dinner, an after on the beach under the stars summer style Cornetto Sammontana, for casual work, for your free time. Defects?Better to avoid women with great breasts and big shoulders, because it expands the top and is not very well when used with the bra. In addition, hides the waist and is therefore suitable for those on the waist do not tip much. Rather well for apples, which hides the tummy and allows you to leave the fore legs; and for the rectangle, which are “brightened” by this game of cuts and volumes. I do not see so terrible even for hourglasses, unless their waist is not for them “life” (very curvy hourglasses or very womb).

Now we come to how to wear it this summer. Surely the first rule to avoid the effect daughter of flowers is to focus on male and neutral colored fabrics. I love it like that said to cut shirt effect, perhaps in blue with white stripes; but I do not dislike at all even the total-white but surely would end up with dirty ice cream, already know.

Another tip, pair it with elegant trousers and not only microshorts frayed and boyfriend jeans; very beautiful, in the most fitting version, with culottes pants while I find it really stylish with a pair of simple straight pants blacks and shave shoe or heels depending on the occasion. This way it will also become a suitable head to less casual occasions, such as work or a dinner.

And those who love ‘daughter effect of the flowers he has to do, hole up in a dark cave with a hair shirt? No, fashion has also thought of you filling the flare jeans shops, sandals and boho accessories and leather bags or suade. Mixed everything together, perhaps choosing your top off the shoulder broderie anglaise or macramé lace to evoke the spirit of the 70s in all their glory!

But … wait. Pears and hourglasses the off the shoulder should just forget it? No, of course, they should only adopt it in a different way, in different tissues, with different shapes and with decidedly different combinations. Do not worry, in the next article we will talk only of you!