How to Wear Printed Skirts

Printed skirts are a real wild card for those who want to give a varied in the summer look, keeping the femininity. With flowers, animal prints, poás and other artwork, printed skirts are clearly the touch of freshness to your look!

And increasingly, they become democracy for all kinds, due to their designs, patterns and colors, since the more neutral to the more colorful.

However, because it stripped that other pieces of classic pattern, the skirt also asks for a good attention when combining with other, not to result in strange or grotesque effect to your look.

Due to your very essence of being a very striking piece, watch accessories and Add-ons. The recommended is to create looks by combining with other parts and Add-ons that are a little more neutral tones and use small accessories.

The prints into garments at the bottom obviously draw attention exactly to that part of the body, more precisely to the legs and butt. So, if you’re the type who has thick legs should invest in small drawings and dark tones.Girls with skinny legs can use and abuse the large prints and very colorful.

Not to miss in time to compose a look, combine the skirts with other pieces of flat patterns, preferably in one of the colors that is part of the standard printed skirt. Or with neutral tones grey, black, white and nude. Depending on the composition that you prefer to work out with them and other pieces, they create styles that go from day to evening without losing the pose!

Flowery skirts-colors of summer

The color palette for a summer 2013 super feminine points to fluorine and acidic colors.By both bet on embossed that are around the key colors: yellow, bright orange Tangerine, turquoise, mint green, Fuchsia, turquoise and electric blue.

For classic women we recommend a color palette inspired by the French pastries, so bet on nude, black, grey, beige to match between smooth in strawberry, vanilla and lavender soft, even a sugary yellow and Mint green.

Maxi skirts in Summer flowers

The 2013 summer spring inherits the romanticism and the good mood and, therefore, brings as well marked trend colored skirts and stamped. They come in all regards, but is mainly the maxi skirts in lightweight fabrics with a lot of movement and vented that she steals the scene.

It brings back the years 70 a neo hippie and Bohemian style. It is a trend that accepts various styles, in chiffon pleats, godets, tubes, and straight, wide and bold combinations with stripes and floral prints in bright colours that blend as summer itself.

This piece can be combined with a myriad of styles, from romantic to youthful to mature, rocker, and for different times of the day and night.

The maxi skirts have the natural gift of help stylize the female figure, hiding legs too thin or thick legs, or that are not yet prepared for the summer, camouflaging wide chairs or the lack of them. With tops, coats, even jacket, sandals heels (especially if you are of lower stature) or even, in a flipper look of luxury the hippie maxi skirts married a clean visual for the perfect season.

Flowery Asymmetric skirts

A well-marked styles for the season is that skirt asymmetric cutting that accompanies the modern woman to your event, a wedding, for example, to a Boardwalk, depending on the type of fabric and accessories.

It is simply a skirt with a hemline or cut shorter in front, round angle, yet with a strong sexy appeal and capable of valuing legs on display, being, therefore, one of the Favorites of the great models and celebrities.

For overall happiness, cutting star for this season – the asymmetrical-also accepts flowers very well, preferably in lightweight fabrics, with a certain transparency and movement.

Bossa Nova style with skirt

The full modeling of ruffles at the ends, known as consagradamente, is a godet skirt model guaranteed to the season of flowers. Classic, flat patterns she’s fine at any season, but in the summer, she gains an air of joviality and stripped patterned primaverais.

Interestingly, this skirt WINS other curious names, such as “Flamenco skirt”, “Mermaid” and “Bossa Nova” – the latter quite appropriate, since there’s definitely a lot of bossa!

To be adjusted at the waist and chairs (opening into fans on the bottom), the play evokes charm and femininity, to adapt to the body framing the female figure.

Tips and tricks

  • To disguise a little hip, nothing better than a skirt with matching long shirt and jiggles or structured blazer.
  • Printed skirts more soltinhas are ideal, because they do not mark both the hip. To give an elongated in visual, bet on shoes and sandals with heel, neutral in tone or same skirt.
  • Beware of printed containing horizontal stripes, as they tend to widen the figure and the flowers attract strongly, having an expansion effect (you can look more fat). Know find the prints can be an important allies to balance disproportionate silhouettes, but your misuse can be your worst enemy, revealing your weak spot.

The ideal accessories to accompany your printed skirts reminiscent to 90, with fringes, feathers and leather details and fluorine. Metallic match colors fluorine and harmonize with neutral colors such as Khaki, gray and black. The gold is always the color of summer.

If you include among the fashionistas who are not afraid to risk and try the new, mixing colors, textures and prints, these days of light and Sun are days ideal for investing in flowers and shine. Browse our gallery in HeartAttackSkirts for advice on how to carry flower printed skirt with style!