How to Wear Little Black Dresses

She is the star of the closet, the dress of legend which improves mood, beautiful curves and transforms the look. The little black dress, the fate by pleasure as in an emergency, so the cut is perfect and easy colour… Just to pick a style for the basic of the closet!

The LBD version sport

You imagined dressed? Know that your little black dress lends itself to all the looks, and willingly becomes trendy sport or dress party. Regardless of its form, accessorize her simply colored sneakers. Add a comfortable mesh vest or a sports jacket, a pair of neon sunglasses, and voila… Go to the movies, drinking a drink with a friend or make shopping at the supermarket!

The LBD version chic

Nothing more simple for the little black evening dress, the cheap sundress is its primary function. Whether you attended a cocktail or you dine at the restaurant, the recipe is basic: little black dress, suit jacket, discreet jewelry and shoes. If your dress is short, prefer a long and straight jacket. With a long dress, on the other hand, hit short and fitted jackets. As for colors, play the tone on tone in contrasting elegance more materials!

The LBD version rock

With the right Accessories, the little black dress master rock or grunge with virtuosity. The evidence? A perfecto, bikers boots and a leather bag, you have the rebellious allure. Complete your little black dress a lumberjack plaid shirt, black tights and boots, you’re grunge! The other thing? Of the rings on every finger rock, a fuzzy Cap side grunge.