How to Wear Leggings in Style

Leggings are not jeans pants so we give you the keys to put them

It seemed that those super-comfortable garments, which we know by their English name leggings and sometimes Spanishize them into leggins or legins had lost presence in past seasons, but as this season come back strongly, let’s see how we can take them by wasting style as Did the admired Audrey Hepburn in the film Sabrina.

It is possible that some of us call leggings what others call tight pitilles , so it is good to begin by seeing which garments are not leggings .

# 1 Leggings are not tights, nor are fat wool stockings

In the 80s Jane Jonda popularized the practice of aerobics and with it the meshes. Well the first thing we have to be clear is that a legging is not a mesh. The legging fabric should be fatter, completely opaque and the elastic fiber content like spandex, elastane or lycra should not exceed 10% and if they are closer to 5% better. Next time you buy some leggins, look at that subtle detail so you do not go wrong. Ah! Do not buy some fat wool stockings and think that with that and a shirt that covers the ass slightly you have leggings at a good price.

The meshes that Jane Fonda popularized, are not leggins

# 2 The leggings are not jeans pants

We often think that because they are ” casual ” garments, tight jeans and legins are interchangeable and therefore used in the same way. Cruel error! Although they are used in the same occasions, and with both you can get super chic results , the way to use them is different.

Leggings are not used as tight jeans

That yes there are leggings with cuts of jeans and that have been coined like jeggings

With those two clear things and these truisms that we should not ignore, I’m sure we will not screw up the next time we face the leggings :

► Underwear should not be noticed, even when the sun or a spotlight gives you fullness.There is a wide variety of seamless lingerie that you can choose to avoid.

► Choose the right size and do not overcharge yourself, you run the risk of turning your body into an indiscreet anatomy lesson.Leave something for the imagination.

► If there is cellulite and thighs or hip to Kim Kardashian, better to abstain from leggings , there are multitude of garments more conducive to these curved anatomy.

Do not do like Kim Kardashian, if there is cellulite and large thighs or hips banish the leggings from your closet

► Look for them always of good quality, so you make sure that your fabric and cut will not play tricks on you, do not transparent, or mark what you should not. At we have opted for the leggings – or should we call them jeggings – made in Paris by Fur for You and full of details that away from the meshes, feel wonderful. Who has bought to start blacks, repeats with the reds. If you opt for stamped leggings , look for them discreetly and avoid recharging the set and better choose neutral top garments such as a black sweater or a blazer . The norm: with printed leggings choose top part sober.

Leggings of good quality and combined with a loose-fitting garment

The norm: with patterned leggings choose top part sober

We have seen women coordinating leggings, with tight crop tops.No Please.No matter how nice your ass is, the balance of shapes is important and for this you need to choose up sweaters or slightly loose tunic.

Another alternative we have seen, for example, in New York fashion week is to wear black leggings with skirts or dresses, but in this case the leggings would be serving as stockings.

Ralf Laurent showed on the catwalk black legings with skirts and dress

If you want to give a naive air choose flat shoes, dancers or loaffer and for a more sophisticated style put them with stilettos.

And, before finishing, some last notes.

►If your pants size is 42 or higher, always wear leggings with a long garment that covers your ass, if you do not choose another type of pants and forget the leggings .

►If you are not very tall and thin, avoid pionerte high boots with legins to not seem smaller.

►The overlays made with style look great with leggins

Directly from the catwalk, set of overlays with leggings , a whole style lesson