How to Wear Leggings Correctly

Leggings outfits are the best!

As Leggings split the spirits. We do not believe that there is a garment that is more comfortable than our beloved leggings. Therefore, it would be great if we could spend the whole day in it! Do you not think also?

We have accepted this challenge and have more cool and casual everyday looks for you picked out that her cozy yet stylish and  mainly not underdressed can wear with your leggings. Here we go: 


If you are just on the way to the supermarket or have to briefly do a few things, wear your leggings easy with sneakers and a print T-shirt . In principle, the leggings as sweatpants and therefore just like a combine.


Anyone who feels uncomfortable with a short T-shirt on the leggings, which can carry over his shirt a longer jacket or cardigan,  which covers the Po – is not only practical but also looks good.


In keeping with the season you can look the addition miss a touch autumn by the outfit with a scarf,  combined a hat and maybe a pair of rubber boots. Here we show you how you can conjure really cool autumn outfits from your favorite summer pieces.


His leggings with a shirt umgebundenen combine is a cool and casual variant. Whether checkered or denim shirt, the look is a cool street style that can be worn like a long-sleeved shirt with the T-shirt. Layering is namely not a taboo. Not even in jewelry, as you here can see perfectly.


The shirt may well of course just worn closed to what can not be it look less casual. But on the contrary. With a denim shirt, for example, and a few cool boots you have the perfect outfit for shopping the streets of your city.


Dress like shirts or cardigans are ideal for a perfect street style to conjure with euerer leggings. Whether in combination with rain boots, ankle boots or sneakers, this combo is your leggings onno account a mistake.


Layering is the must-do for the fall. For this you simply combine several superimposed layers and contract as your knitted sweater and jeans under your shirt and your under the denim shirt T-shirt. All this so that you can see each layer a little bit best. The overall look. Really fine and super translucent Here we show you another layering example.


Leggings in leather look are a real eye-catcher! Who on the Bad Girl Look is and love is something courageous, for it provides the combination with additional leather jacket or Fake fur on. A pair of casual boots at that and already exudes your look radiates definitely Coolness in person from! So I wore the look. Here along.


If you want the leggings limber up in leather look something which they combined with knitting. The mix of fabrics is an exciting highlight although the outfit and the colors are rather basic and simple. The leather-knit mix is THE trend for fall.  Here we show you another leather-knit combination.