How to Wear a Mullet Dress

The dress is, without doubt, one of the more feminine pieces that exist. No matter the model, color, size: with dress, any visual changes. Can you keep look “free, light and loose”, but can also be super sexy or be a businesswoman with the basic black tube.

Today we’re going to make the dress model Mullet, one that is shorter in front and longer ago. They are excellent for use in the summer, especially with flowery prints. The Mullet is excellent for those who don’t like long gown or afraid of taking a risk with him, after all, that template is a good mix of short with long in one piece.

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Mullet at parties

For being a rather different model, is great for use at parties, whether by the guests, the bridesmaids and even for brides. There are beautiful dresses for this kind of occasion. If you’re still kind of “standing behind” to use the mullet, you can start with smaller lengths behind and go acquiring larger, to get used to it.

In fact, this model was used by the women there on the 50! And he was back for more glamorous and sophisticated parties. That’s where this model looks better, but of course you need to be careful in choosing the type of fabric and color him.

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How to mount looks with the Mullet

Good people, there are a few smart tips to buy and choose this model type. He doesn’t go with very tight and short, besides getting a bit vulgar. The play may even be shorter, but so it balances this with a more baggy outfit. And for those who like to be always daring, can exaggerate the length in the back, IE.

For the day, prefer less asymmetric dresses, says, because they are leaner for the daily chores and how footwear, sneaker or trailing look great. If you go to any ballad or a dinner at night, you can use a play with asymmetry in the spotlight. A ankle boot for more informal events and an open sandal stiletto to the more formal.