How to Wear a Midi Skirt


The “midi” skirt is a truly original boss and particularly, that recalls the vintage style and the 70 beloved by flighty women. The midi skirt unlike the skirt” mini”, is much longer, more comfortable and more sensual. The midi woman wraps the hips, highlight them and gives a sinuous shape to women, making them almost similar to the sirens. If you are wondering how to wear this garment, read these tips.


Make sure you have on hand:

leather jackets, shirts, long necklaces, high heels, hats.

The height of the midi skirt, can vary depending on the model chosen. Usually the midi skirt can start from mid-thigh to below the knee. The midi skirt can be of stiff fabric, linen, canvas, silk denim, lace, veil and satin. This unique item of feminine apparel, can be worn on various occasions and in different ways, depending on the style you intend to take and according to where you need to go. The midi skirt can indeed be both sporty and elegant and perfect for every situation.

The midi skirts, if the stiff fabric, it can be worn in chic style and glamor with a shirt inserted just inside the skirt. In this way, the midi skirt will enhance your bust, stretching and streamlining the procedure significantly. In this case you can combine a mustard yellow skirt with a white shirt or black and very high color leather shoes and rounded at the tip. For a black midi skirt veil, you can put a body tight and low-cut black and highlight the sinuous and elegant look with some silver or accessory with a string of pearls around his neck.

For skirts always extremely tight midi style, we can put the top plaid, and choose the plain-colored skirts, to mark the vintage 70-80 years and remain original, striking and women until the end. The heel should never be lacking, because a midi woman can never, never be worn while wearing ballerinas or sandals, because you may appear stocky, with wide hips and a little leaner. To maintain a rock style and pop at the same time, the floral midi skirts or leopard, are perfect to wear with a stylish leather jacket “nail” and a very wide white t-shirt and almost consumed that will give you the air of a woman” lived” and tough. Hats, long necklaces, short mice are the most to be coupled to a midi skirt sexy and flashy. Black midi skirts fit to blue and white, floral skirts in white, flesh-colored to black women and midi skirts long and blue electric a t-shirt and extravagant leather jackets.


Never forget:

Dare with accessories.