How to Wear a Dress If You’re Fat?

It is a shame to see many women who dress in large refrain from wearing dresses pretext that they are too round or too large!

Why deprive ourselves of being pretty and feminine on the pretext that one door of the large or the very large?

Especially as compared to there about ten years, supply has evolved and offers anything but dark and shapeless models.

Express Your Femininity

Feel free to play with your charms and let express sensuality in you! Do not doubt, all women are beautiful, all women deserve to dare to be feminine!

When we think about femininity, the denim dress quickly print in It is indeed the apparel signature femininity.

In Search of the Perfect Dress…

We give you when you are not really comfortable with her body, it is difficult to find the ideal garment the first time. We doubt, we question and we do not always dare.

My-Size decided to give you a little push to boost your sensuality. Discover with us the secrets of the perfect dress when one is round!

The Dress V

Ideal to lengthen the silhouette, neckline V will focus on your beautiful breasts! If the latter is opulent, please use a safety pin to avoid too deep neckline yes to sensuality, not vulgarity!

The Shirt Dress

At the top to offer a casual chic look! It is believed to surround different ways according to its morphology:

  • wide belt at the waist if it is marked
  • thin belt too tight under the bust if you have a figure in A
  • classic belt to wear on the hips if you’re an H

The Draped Dress

It is the ideal cut for camouflage a tummy so chic and glamorous! This model will expand into premium small breasts through her ​​cowl neck.

In general, the draped dress is the perfect dress when one is provided round the drapery falls in the right place on your figure.

The Wrap Dress

Great ally rather large, we love the wrap dress that goes to all body and begins to wonder curves in value: the breast is stressed, stomach and hips erased.

The Cover Dress

It is difficult to feel more comfortable in a dress in the bag dress! Right it looks good, you can wear as is if we have a little belly or the surround (see the dress shirt ).

The Dress Cover-Heart

Sister of the wrap dress, she is absolutely the same advantages! The difference is no link connecting the two sides.

We love this two-tone model Scarlett & Jo.

The Trapeze Dress

Perfect to showcase a silhouette A or rebalance a morpho H, the trapeze dress is at the heart of seasonal trends through his mind 70’s.

As you can see, there is no one perfect dress when one is round! Treat yourself according to your body but primarily what you like!