How To Walk On Heels Correctly

How to walk on heels is not easy to explain, rather it is a task to practice. So, what better than a video tutorial where we show you how to walk in heels correctly and look that heightyou’ve always wanted full of style.

Often, we buy heels because they are beautiful and stylize much the figure, but really do not know get the most game. And what better than this video to learn how to walk in high heelsonce and for all. I invite you to go through ourYouTube channel where you can watch this video tutorial and many more.

How To Walk In Heels |The Definitive Guide

#1 Forms An S With The Body

The first thing to do to know how to walk in heels is to form an S with the body. That is, by placing the leg slightly diagonally. This way, if we walk normal, we will not remove the hip.However, if you place the leg a little diagonally, the hip will automatically come out forming an S with the body. You will see that your silhouette will look much more feminine.

Remember, the key trick is to place the legslightly diagonally. As you see in the video, we have done it exaggerated so that you see well how to put the leg. Practice for a while and you will see that little by little you are alone. You already see that this first trick  does not have much mystery and is very effective to know how to walk in high heels.

#2 Walk In A Straight Line

Attached to the previous trick this second trickabout how to walk on heels is key to being able to maximize the effect of your hips. When walking in a straight line, your hip will automatically come out sideways. If you find it very difficult to walk in a straight line, it is best to draw a line on the ground, so as not to lose you. Surely when you practice for a while you will not need the streak to walk properly in a straight line.

#3 Straighten Your Fingertips

Trick number 3 of how to walk in heels is to walk with strength on the tips of the feet. As you can see in the video tutorial, this allows you to walk more safely and you are the one that controls your steps. Many times when heel heels before the tip, it makes the step very difficult and makes the step much more difficult. So if you want to walk so smart on your heels, remember to walk by force with his fingertips.

*An Extra Trick: How To Find The Perfect Shoe

Do not exceed in height.  At least in the shoes you use almost daily. Experts point out that the heel should not exceed 4/5 cm.

You must  have a sole that protects. If it is very fine your feet will notice the hardness of the floor. Do not wear it but do you love it? No problem, go to the shoemaker to strengthen it.

Leather interior. Try to make the inside of your shoe skin so your foot can perspire. If it is something padded it will soften the pressure of the steps.

Do not rub your instep. If the model you have chosen tightens you, in addition to chafing  can cause you pain when walking.Pay attention to embellishments and seams.Do not get stung or annoyed.

Make them your number. To find out if your heels are right for you, then do the following to check it. With your heels on, stand on tiptoe, and if you do not get out, it’s yours. That way you will not have any problems.

#4 Walking On Tiptoe To Get Accustomed To The Height

This trick on how to walk in heels is the best of them all. Before release any heel is advisable tomake your height to avoid any incident . In this sense, walk with your heels but tiptoe, that is, without the heel touching the ground. If you manage to walk like this, you’re sure to be more than ready to leave with your high heels for everything.

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#5 Speed ​​When Walking In Heels

We know that if we go in heels, we are not going to run a sprint. The rush is best for other types of shoes. But to know what step we should take depending on the height of the heel, there goes our last advice on how to walk in high heels.

The higher your heel, the slower your steps should be. And if you bet on a lower heel, you can go a little faster.

Video Tutorial On How To Walk In High Heels

These have been the 5 tips on how to walk in high heels. Remember, first of all is balance. You have to be well balanced to be able to walk well in high heels to demonstrate a firmness and security in each of the steps we take. So for that, what you have to do is force on the abdomen and the tip of the toes.

The second trick about how to walk in high heels is that you walk in a straight line, forming an S with the body to get a much more feminine look.

Third, another of the tricks on how to walk in high heels is that you wear low heels and walk with them on tiptoe to get accustomed to the height, and thus gradually make it easier to incorporate higher heels.

Remember our 4 trick on  how to walk in high heels. Walk more slowly with taller heels to make it easier for you to walk like INSURANCEJUST suggested. With a lower heelyou can walk faster if you prefer.