How To Use Maxi Necklaces

Is there a way to be chic without having to use expensive clothes and extravagant. In simple sweaters and even the little black dress, the maximum necklaces arrived to give an up in visual of any woman! They can be combined with basic and classic pieces, simply adjust your fashion style; this fashion is here to stay and we women love! If you’re still in doubt about how to use the maximum necklaces at Our site we’re going to give you tips for you to know how to use Maxi Necklaces.

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Basic clothing

As the basic clothes are very simple for some occasions you can use the maximum necklaces to give a sophisticated in visual, may be with a simple white blouse knitted! To get more sophisticated can be added along with the maxi collar acinturado black blazer.

With shirts

Choose your shirt, might even be the one who is at the bottom of the drawer and that you don’t use for months because I thought “lame”, place the maxi paste under the shirt collar; is very modern!

With looks of party

Choose a party dress more simple, without a lot of precious stones and the lap the shows (a strapless), in this case the maxi paste has to be more exquisite (metal, precious stones or semi-precious).


From the choice of the appropriate paste, it can be placed on striped blouses and even printed, contrasting combinations (between the shirt and the collar) may also be used, since the colors are complementary.

Knitting clothes

You can only use the Knitting with the necklace, or increase even more the visual overlaying the knitting sweater with a Plaid Shirt that matches the necklace.

Important tips

But before you start abusing the use of these beautiful necklaces will give them a crucial tip from the maxi paste is ideal to get the attention of those who look at the cervix, it helps to disguise the body areas that you don’t like, for example: a really big butt, very thick legs and others, however, if you have breasts very tired and neck too short it is better to avoid the use of maxi necklaces for you shall show yet most of these areas.

The necklaces are called maxi because they have a much larger size than the common necklaces. Be very careful not to use very large necklaces that weigh too much on visual, or you can look like you’re trying to make an advertisement of the necklace. Always look in the mirror to see if the size of the necklace is in harmony with the clothes and other accessories (earrings for example).

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