How to Use Chemise

The dress shirt type that takes the name of shirt dress, among others, is enjoyed by women in romantic style some years. However, now that fashion is on the rise and with more options in time to acquire a model. But for the piece look nice to integrate the look, it is important to know how to use chemise. To help in this hour, offers some very useful tips to stay in fashion and dressed in good taste.


  1. Translating from English, chemise means underwear, more specifically, sweater. Already in French the same word gets translated into a shirt and it is with this spirit that, in Brazil, the chemise, a dress shirt, dress or nightgown shirt dress. Although it is not a novelty in the world of fashion, is a piece that became a trend and, therefore, won numerous models to suit many tastes.
  2. If were found more often chemise models romantic, with plaid print, nowadays, the variety appeals to women with classic look, modern or even hippie. The shirt dress is seen in more sophisticated fabrics like silk or even the classic jeans. There are also models that resemble more to hit, with few buttons, and those with large collars that look like a big shirt.
  3. The versatility is also time to put on the different stereotypes with elegance. Not only are the women who are tall and thin to look good when using chemise, since the line of buttons that divides the play hinges on low, helping to lengthen the silhouette. However, if the idea is to disguise thick arms, the tip is a sure bet in the shirt-sleeved dress, which can be pulled up or folded. To balance the look, another tip to use the play’s with a vest.
  4. Like a summer dress (on, the chemise is versatile yet in different seasons of the year, as well as it can be used even on the beach, like a bath, on colder days combines with pantyhose and even a pair of jeans, and super stylish with a cardigan or jacket. In this way, more the style shirt. Once again, the shirt dress can be used in opposite moments, day to go to work, as at night, for a more formal occasion.
  5. For the day to day, the chemise drops super well with sneakers, flats and even tennis, as his model, that is, if it’s more, also combines with high heels. Other shoes that match the dress shirt are the booties, including, if the idea is to put together a look hip, pulling the grunge, and peep toe, ideal for more formal moments in which the pretence is a sleek.
  6. It is still possible to use chemise with belt, preferably a thin model, which leaves the elegant look, although many pieces come with a belt along the waist. In this case, it is possible to make him more tied to one side or the other and not necessarily in the middle or even tie back. However, it is worth saying that the devotees of the belt will highlight its hip curves, which is perfect for those who don’t have many and want to recover them. The skinny can still use the belt and even a belt wider and striking. If the piece has the passers-by, one can choose the belt of your choice.
  7. Already those who prefer innovation can change the belt for a scarf or sash, but choose an accessory that matches the pattern of the shirt dress. In the case of printed models, prefer the accessory in a neutral color. But those who want to take advantage of the versatility of the play can opt for neutral colors templates, so you can use the chemise in different occasions, by adding different accessories to renew the look. Another tip for accessory parts in the neck area is betting on a short necklace to enhance the lap.