How to Style Short Skirts

To look good every woman has to choose his clothes mostly according to figure that. Not a good idea to “move” only in fashion, because often receive comical situations as a result of our greatest desire to be fashionable.

According to homosociety, the short skirts for maternity also have their specificity – some models in our expanding hips, others make our legs look longer, etc.

What sex at what figure meets and works best?

1. waisted skirt – this type of cut is usually the body and can not hide any flaw, described the thighs and hips. The belt emphasizes the waist and adds further elegance to the outfit. You can combine this type of sex with a shirt, jacket or vest – depending on the case, suitable for business meetings.

2. Multi-layered skirt – this kind of looks extremely beautiful and attaches great romance and tenderness of silhouette, probably because of the wheels and the material they are made (usually very airy and translucent). But it should be borne in mind that the multi-layered skirt is also waisted thighs and hips and is particularly suitable for women with wide hips.

3. Cutting:

– The cross – ie. high flared skirt is very feminine and suitable for any figure. Stands beautifully on women with slender waists and wider hips, because it emphasizes the waist and gently conceals the widest part of the hips.

– With lots of ruffles – perfect for any figure – stands beautifully on a weak woman – gives some volume and a luscious lady – obscure or outlines. It can be worn with a T-shirt, vest, shirt with sleeves or without. It is best to be waisted shirt at the waist.

4. Asymmetric skirts – are best for women with a perfect figure and long thin legs. Combine with wonderful shoe or sandal high heels.

5. Paula type tulip – very suitable for women with broad shoulders and hips and a narrow waist.