How to Style Pencil Skirt

This is one of the sexiest models skirts, thanks to which every girl can become a real seductress and mistress of men’s hearts. Very often, that line is ignored by women with colorful shapes or those who worry about the waist or hips.

The truth is that the suitably straight skirt can hide very well all the problem areas and focus on the beautiful curves of the female body, even for maternity pencil skirts. When looking for the perfect skirt type “pencil” it is nice to know that skirts with high waist and elastic fabric conceal excess deposits around the waist and hips form.

If you’re still not sure you look good, you can try to combine skirt with blouse wide, which will help you to hide everything that still bothers you. High heels also are the perfect ally for all girls who want to change their optical and repay its silhouette. I recommend that you choose a model shoes in tan – so your feet will seem even longer.

I suggest you look at some interesting examples that I have chosen. I hope you like it.

How to Style Pencil Skirt

Month-me sign a summer collection for mothers who want to stay stylish during their nine months of pregnancy. The brand made in France is known for its maternity wear and breastfeeding comfortable with soft and pleasant feel that ensure a second skin feel.

For summer evenings and walks on the beach, go for the long skirt of pregnancy Vanilla, an elegant room that will ensure you a great freedom of movement and very smoothly.

Match it with a nice mom-top, long skirt Vanilla pregnancy may range from the very beginning of your pregnancy and even after childbirth. This will reassure those who are watching their wallets!

The band sewn to size can be placed under the belly or stomach for maintenance or to warm your baby bump and prevent it than in your maternity tops.

Both sober and elegant, long Vanilla pregnancy skirt accompany you throughout your 9 months of pregnancy and give your slender silhouette a nice feminine touch.

Me Month is manufactured in France from French and Italian fabrics certified Oeko-Tex.

  • Available in taupe, gray, blue and plum Cyclades
  • size 36 available in 44
  • Price: € 95.00

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