How to Style a Knit Dress

Fashion advice for the knit dress

Even in winter, we want to do without on dresses. The great thing about these different knitting models: Keep you warm as well. Using figure-friendly cuts of every woman.

But which dress suits me really? Here are our tips and tricks to the laminating:

  1. no leg warmers combine: the baggy leg warmers compress the leg and are together with aknit dresssomewhat to much wool.
  2. flowing materials: aknit dresstoo casual, if you combine the best flowing fabrics such as silk or Viskoseschals, looks elegant.
  3. rough rope only for narrow women: cabled, thick wool or large meshes are just for Petite women, because they always carry on.

4 cheat with shapewear : body-hugging cuts a figure-molding petticoat miracle works. Small pads are not emerging.

1 dress forms the waist

The dress Gets a feminine form thanks to diaper detail. The contrasting leather belt also directs the focus to the middle. A shawl collar visually extends the upper body.

About €60, Gr. XS-XL, BW-mix, Zalando

Knit dress 2 conceals the hips

A line here is the magic word. The issued form emphasizes the waist and concealed skillfully then the Hüftpartie. Tip: Small women choose better knee-length dresses via, which increases the slimming effect.

Approx. €50, Gr. XS-XL, wool, Benetton

Broad shoulders narrowed knit dress 3

Here, the deep v-neckline and the longitudinal ribs play the main roles. Both details stretch the upper body. In addition, the V-neck draws the eye in the middle. Tip: Raglan sleeves prevent – widen visually!

About €48, size M-XL, acrylic + wool, next on

The upper body stretch knit dress 4

The refined printing is a great cheat effect: it stretches the figure and is ideal for smaller women. Because the print on the hip ends, wear rather high shoes – the leg extended.

About €200, Gr. 34-46, viscose, Luisa Cerano

Knit dress 5 hide a tummy

Bauchpölsterchen are invisible in the pleats and nice slim waist. Shoes with heel look this great. Caution: The longer a dress is more voluminous, the wrinkles exerted.

Approx. €150, Gr. 34-44, BW-mix, jumper factories

Knit dress 6 conjures up more bust

A turtleneck enlarged visually every bosom. The olive knit dress has still an ACE in the hole: the spring-loaded fold the collar gives a small bust size extra volume.