How to Sew Children’s Pajamas

Many children are happy to be covered in a warm blanket to keep warm at night. But during a good night’s sleep blanket gradually shifted to the country and then move down to the floor at all. In such cases, as well as children absolutely do not recognize blankets, perfect pajamas.

You Will Need:

Paper, pencil, measuring tape, finished jacket and pants as a child model, scissors, needles, fabric, thread, needle, elastic ribbons.

1. Remove the child from the measurements, measure its growth. Draw a pattern on paper. You can greatly simplify the process by using the template as sweatpants and a T-shirt of a child which are very suitable for him in height and width. To do this, fold the thing in half, attach a sheet of paper and draw, not forgetting simmered a few centimeters on each side seams. See Thedressexplorer for types of pajamas.
2. Take a piece of fabric, fold it in four. Long fold of tissue attach a pattern paper and secure with pins. Circle pattern paper and cut out the pattern on the fabric.
3. Sew cut four strips of fabric in pairs, and you get two feet. Sew them together to get a bikini. gum belt Sew bottom tuck and prostrochite. Deal with Sections internal tissues, so they have begun to bloom after washing.
4. Get a T-shirt with long sleeves worn by the child. Just as the model of pants, pajama top model made of what happened. Take a piece of fabric, fold in half. Trace the pattern, cut it along the contour. Sew the two halves together vests. Neck and arms cuts obstrochite using braid.